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Be Angels has built one of the most important Business Angels networks in Europe. The project leaders are very well taken care of, and are connected with Business Angels who will be able to increase their chances of success.

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Be Angels has developed a whole series of tools to support every entrepreneur, from the launch phase to the scale-up phase.

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SIBA EE: Investment Structure with Business Angels (SIBA) Student Entrepreneurs (EE) and Tax Shelter (TS).

SIBA Student Entrepreneurs aims to support the entrepreneurial transition of students from three sectors: VentureLab / ULG (Liège), Yncubator / UCL (Louvain-la-Neuve) and StartLab / ULB (Solvay). Often, they intervene to complete the 3F (Friends, Fools and Family) to launch the SPRL. The average amount requested is 20K.

SIBA TS :  SIBA Tax Shelter

The aim of the SIBA Tax Shelter is to complete the rounds and accelerate the fundraising process. All submitted files are negotiated at Be Angels. On average, the amount requested is 60K. The selected start-ups will allow deductibility under the Tax Shelter law for start-ups.


BAC : Business Angel Investment Club (BAC) Group


The ideal formula to discover the activity of business angel. Within a group of 20 investors, you invest € 15,000 in 3 different deals over the year. All decisions are made collectively.

Direct investment

Business angels invest in projects individually, and not via a structure, starting from € 25,000.


Investment fund exclusively dedicated to start-ups in the scale-up phase, previously supported by members of the Be Angels network. With a capital of 2.5 million euros, it plans to invest in six start-ups over the next two years while maintaining a refinancing capacity.

Corporate membership

Relationship between corporate and innovative projects presented to the Be Angels network, with perspectives of structural collaboration, partnerships, equity participation, exit …

International Connections

Although Be Angels mainly favors Brussels and Walloon projects, its online application process is open to European and international projects, especially for the financing of internationalization phases.


Be Angels was born from this simple observation: young innovative companies face numerous financing and support difficulties. We want to help these companies from their start-up phase to their growth. We provide them with a framework adapted to their financing needs: from smaller amounts for start-ups to larger amounts for scale-ups.


By joining the Be Angels network, you have access to a wide selection of projects validated by our management team. You meet investors who are expert in the field of private investment. Depending on your objectives, your availability and commitment to heritage, you can choose from several investment options that suits you best.

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Our last selected deals

The members of Be Angels have accompanied and invested in innovative companies in different sectors of activity. Many of these initiatives have already led to the launch of successful companies that continue to develop to this day.

Axiles Bionics

La start-up bruxelloise “Axiles Bionics”, une spin-off de la VUB, souhaite améliorer la qualité de vie des personnes amputées des membres inférieurs en commercialisant les


La start-up est spécialisée dans la valorisation des créateurs de meubles et d’objets de décoration artisanaux et sur-mesure.


Apaxen est une société biopharmaceutique wallonne dont la mission est de développer des traitements innovants pour un large spectre de pathologies inflammatoires, tout en ayant

Next Gate Tech

Next Gate Tech is a Luxembourg based FinTech that provides innovative Software-as-a-Service solutions for the asset management industry.


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