Boost your project with BeAngels

Submitting your project


  • Benefit from our support in presenting your project

    We help you to pitch investors as effectively as possible.

  • Reach multiple investors simultaneously

    A single platform for reaching a community of seasoned investors.

  • Benefit from funding spread over several rounds

    We have put in place different funding solutions tailored to suit your stage of development and your capital needs.

  • What are our eligibility criteria ?

    • Start or develop an innovative and ambitious project.
    • Seek a minimum amount of 100,000 EUR from business angels.
    • Be located in Belgium, Luxembourg, Hauts-de-France or have a development strategy in Belgium.

    If there is an investment, our commissions will be calculated on the amount invested by our community.

Present your project and endow it with a new dimension.

Submitting your project

Startup Stories

How to submit a project?

BeAngels provides an alternative to the conventional actors (banks, venture capitalists, national or regional support organizations) and offers exclusive support services to both entrepreneurs and investors.

  1. Submitting your project

    Access our online portal to complete your application.

  2. Presentation to the Committee

    If your project is pre-selected, you will be invited on a non-committal basis to present it before the Selection Committee.

  3. Presentation to the Forum

    Once approved by the Selection Committee, you can pitch your project at one of our monthly forums.

  4. Dealmaking

    BeAngels takes the lead in organizing the first working meetings with investors who have shown interest in your project.