Pooling Services

Group investing made simple

This solution is designed to simplify and enhance the pooling of investors, making investment processes more efficient for businesses and fund managers alike.

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How does it work ?

Group Investing made simple

  • For Founders: Consolidate your investors in a streamlined cap table
  • For Private Investors: Group your co-investors in 1 or more deals
  • For Fund Manager: Minimize your administrative tasks and optimize your investor relations
  • Maintain a careful capitalization table with a register of individual shares and benefit from transparent relations with investors.
  • Simplify your interactions with investors without collecting a myriad of signatures.
  • Effective SPV representation streamlines your participation in the venture.
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Why with BeAngels

  • Efficient Investor Pooling

    Swiftly establish an SPV without the need for notary intervention. Enhance liquidity options for secondary exits by securely uploading investor documents via our own IT platform.

  • Turnkey Bylaws & Legal Support

    Utilize ready-to-use, customizable bylaws supported by our in-house legal advisor. Benefit from a transparent fee structure for all legal services, ensuring clarity and predictability.

  • Streamlined Investor Relations

    Simplify investor interactions by eliminating the need for myriad signatures. Maintain a neat capitalization table with an individual share registry, fostering transparent investor relations. Efficient SPV representation streamlines your stake in the venture.

  • Optimized Compliance & Financial Management

    Experience smooth carried interest processes for enhanced returns. Effectively manage Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) to ensure compliance and clarity. Bypass individual bank hassles with robust KYC and AML management.

  • Add-on: BeAngels Community Access

    Easily secure co-investors for subsequent rounds and tap into the vast BeAngels network of 470+ private investors for faster funding rounds. Access a community that accelerates your investment journey.

Who we are

BeAngels is the leading Business Angels community in Belgium and Luxembourg. BeAngels in 2023:

  • 485 active members
  • 8,1 €+ mil invested
  • 478 companies financed

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