We connect brilliant entrepreneurs with experienced investors.

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49 fundraising events in 2020

BeAngels members support and invest in innovative companies in different sectors of activity. Many of these initiatives have resulted in the launch of successful companies that continue to grow.

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Why BeAngels?

BeAngels provides an alternative to the conventional actors (banks, venture capitalists, national or regional support organizations) and offers exclusive support services to both entrepreneurs and investors.

  • 350 members
  • 21 years of experience
  • 50 million euros invested
  • 380 fundraising events
  • Reach multiple private investors simultaneously and meet with them directly

  • Benefit from our support in presenting your project

  • Assistance during negotiations with investors

  • Make financial projections in total confidentiality

Boost your project

BeAngels selects and supports the best startups in Belgium in their search for the necessary funds for their development. But more than that, you also have access to a network of influential and experienced personalities ready to strengthen your project.


Invest and support

Being a Business Angel is more than handing out a cheque, a BA is also a partner of a team who brings their experience to bear on a project. We support our members in developing their skills so that they can optimally serve the entrepreneurs that they support.




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