We have been accelerating young companies for 20 years.

The BeAngels network was created to address two problems: help young startups that are facing funding and support difficulties, but also provide investors with an organized and structured network to facilitate their investments in the real economy.


  • We simplify the growth of young companies

    Banks are unable to invest in the initial funding rounds. We identify the most promising projects from the onset of their funding.

  • Our commitment

    This is the core of our business, one of the raisons d’être of the BeAngels network is also to inform, train, support, advise and guide individuals who want to become Business Angels, but also those who want to raise funds among our private investor network.

  • BeAngels guidance

    Investing in startups is a profession in itself. We offer all our member investors advice and access to a privileged network. We provide investors with strategic support and help them play an active role in the company they finance.

  • Our values

    • Boldness: Our ability to innovate, to think outside the box, to serve our ecosystem
    • Excellence: Our ability to achieve success for ourselves and others by always giving our best
    • Cooperation: Our ability to bring together diverse client profiles that share a common goal

Today the network has over 465 members via the four investment formulas that we provide.

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