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The Hoxton's cosy halls have been the unofficial workspace of choice for laptop warriors since opening in 2006. Taking everything we've learned so far, we've created a shared workspace, Working From_ , launched in 2019 with locations within The Hoxton, Southwark and The Hoxton, Chicago.

As part of the Hoxton family, Working From_ strives to offer more than just a shared workspace. It offers home-like work and meeting spaces, stress-free policies and the hospitality expertise of The Hoxton. It evolved the single office model, giving people the freedom and flexibility to work how, when and how they want.

Working From_ is open 24/7 and offers a range of membership levels with honest pricing and no surprises. There is an option for everyone. Beyond that, members can enjoy weekly events, daily wellness classes taught by a local partner, and the occasional duvet day at home.

All workspaces open onto a central common area, maintaining a collaborative and relaxed atmosphere. Working From_ also offers healthy foods to help you focus from barista-quality coffee to pantry-to-go to brain food served at the nutritionist-approved cafe or delivered right to their office. It's a new work environment dedicated to keeping you happy and productive.

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  • The 1st day pass offered
  • Discount on the 1st membership (variable offer if DeskHop, Open or Private Studio)
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