Remixt revolutionnizes through diversity, equity, inclusion

Remixt revolutionnizes through diversity, equity, inclusion

Remixt, the pioneering diversity, equity, and inclusion (D&I) management start-up, today announced the completion of a successful fundraising round thanks to the support of the Belgian-Luxembourgish network BeAngels and the BPI. This fundraising will allow Remixt to accelerate its development and strengthen its presence on the market while continuing to promote an inclusive corporate culture.

80% of business leaders and human resources departments consider diversity to be a competitive advantage, and 57% of 18–34-year-olds believe their company should increase diversity and inclusion in their workplace, according to a study conducted by Deloitte. Although mentalities are changing and companies understand the importance of tackling the subject, they often do not know how to proceed in practice.

Remixt, based on a simple observation, quickly established itself as an essential solution for all private and public organizations seeking to meet new societal and legislative requirements in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Younger generations, generations Y and Z in particular, are increasingly attentive to these issues, and organizations must be able to meet their expectations.

Societal issues, such as gender equality, disability, and the fight against homophobia, are becoming more and more important within companies, but managing these issues remains a major challenge,” explains Maxime Ruszniewski, founder of Remixt. “Instead of reacting after the fact, employers need simple, effective, and guilt-free tools to anticipate and manage these risks. This is precisely what Remixt has created, and this fundraising will allow us to further improve our platform and recruit key talents to support our growth."

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This fundraising mainly meets two objectives:

  • Recruit staff to expand the sales team and their content.
  • Improve Remixt's online platform, with a focus on optimizing the analysis and data tool, thus ensuring an ever more efficient experience for customers.

The Remixt team currently consists of 2 sales professionals, 2 full-time developers and a Customer Success Manager (CSM). In addition, the company regularly collaborates with independent lawyers to ensure that its content always complies with current legislation. For the creation of exclusive training content, Remixt surrounds itself with experienced authors and speakers from the television and film industry, thus guaranteeing an approach combining expertise and creativity.

Remixt's flagship product stands out for its innovative approach. Short, effective, fun and guilt-free, it offers a unique way for companies to train their teams on essential subjects, to regularly survey their employees to understand their expectations and feelings, and to communicate transparently on crucial information such as the contact persons in case of harassment.

Remixt is currently present in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, with upcoming expansion plans in other countries. The Remixt platform will soon be fully adapted to local legal and cultural issues, allowing more and more organizations to benefit from this innovative solution.

About Remixt:

Remixt is a French start-up that offers an innovative solution for managing risks related to diversity, equity and inclusion (D&I) within organizations. Remixt's platform offers a playful and non-accusatory approach to effectively inform, gauge and communicate on D&I issues. It enables companies to meet the growing expectations of new generations regarding D&I, while meeting regulatory requirements.