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NXT is a club targeting entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses, young successors of family businesses, and experienced executive profiles from traditional and technological sectors, aiming to combine skills and connections for mutual networking benefits between investors and invested companies.

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How does it work ?

Invest in the next generation of founders

  • Operating as a Maatschap/Société Simple, NXT offers full tax transparency over 7 years, with options for extension or establishing new clubs
  • During a 3-year investment period, NXT focuses on supporting scale-ups, SMEs, and innovative ventures, ensuring high growth potential and adherence to corporate governance standards
  • Decision-making within the club operates on a deal-by-deal basis, with voting rights proportional to investment size, and a quorum of 50% required for decisions, facilitated through online voting mechanisms
  • The appointed deal leader, subject to a 51% majority vote, represents NXT on the board and oversees investment decisions
  • Legal and administrative support is provided by BeAngels Capital
  • Carried interest for deal leaders and BeAngels is structured according to predefined formulas, while included events such as investor nights and private gatherings foster networking and collaboration among club members
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Why invest with BeAngels

  • Harness Synergies

    Encourages collaborative investment efforts over individual ventures, leveraging diverse expertise for thorough due diligence and mutual growth. Offers exclusive networking opportunities and flexible capital allocation.

  • Active Investing Redefined

    Emphasizes active participation in investment decisions, with members contributing based on their expertise and availability. Supported by guidance from experienced deal coaches.

  • Focus On What Matters

    Provides administrative and logistical support to free up members' time for investment opportunities. Offers secure digital platforms for deal tracking and confidential discussions during networking events.

  • Curated Dealflow

    Grants access to vetted startups through reputable partners, allowing autonomy in setting investment criteria. Provides opportunities for off-market deals and later stage startups typically inaccessible to individual investors.

  • Find Co-Investors Faster

    Facilitates finding like-minded co-investors through an extensive network, streamlining funding round closures and optimizing time and resources for intelligent investments.

Who we are

BeAngels is the leading community of Business Angels in Belgium and Luxembourg. BeAngels in 2023:

  • 480+ active members
  • 77,6 €+ mil invested
  • 478 companies financed

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