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Investing in early-stage startups is a journey. Join the BeAngels community to discover bright minds, and brave ideas, learn new things and grow your assets.

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How does it work ?

Come discover the BeAngels community and become a member

  • Assist on pitch event once per month for 1 year in person or online
  • Get a free access to high-quality training program in 8 intensive modules where you learn how to invest in startups from experienced investors
  • Invest directly as an individual investor or invest in one of our Business Angel Clubs
  • BeAngels can support you in the creation of SPV and provide you with back office and legal services
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Why invest with BeAngels

  • Collective strength

    Pooling resources with other investors to provide larger funding amounts to startups.

  • Prime startup investments

    Access to a wide range of investment opportunities in promising startups.

  • Learning and Education

    Attend workshops, seminars, and educational events organized by BeAngels to enhance investment knowledge and skills.

  • Expert Support and Guidance

    Receive mentorship, guidance, and due diligence support from experienced investors and industry experts.

  • Networking and Collaboration

    Connect with a diverse network of fellow investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals, fostering collaboration and potential partnerships.

  • Supporting the Startup Ecosystem

    Create an environment that fosters innovation, growth and sustainability for emerging businesses.

What members say about us

    • It’s reassuring to be able to start investing with small amounts (brought together into a larger amount for the entrepreneur via BeAngels), based on discussions with a panel of around twenty people with complementary profiles. You diversify your initial capital in 3 companies, you receive training from experienced business angels, and you benefit from a coach who challenges you in your investment approach. To me, this is a prudent way to start these risky investments.
    Olivier de Greift
  • BeAngels has contributed to the creation and development over the last 9 years of iTeos, an investment opportunity among so many others, which is today quoted on Nasdas and one of the flagships of the Belgian biotechnology scene. It is a wonderful

    Sébastien DELLIS
  • Contribute as a small cog in the large machine and input some value to the future economy through startups

    Anne Cambier

Who we are

BeAngels is the leading community of Business Angels in Belgium and Luxembourg. BeAngels in 2023:

  • 485 active members
  • 8,1 €+ mil invested
  • 478 companies financed
  • Next Gate Tech
  • Vestis labs white
  • Yotako white
  • Viziosensewhite
  • Beatsurfingwhite
  • Dyamand white
  • Defthedgewhite

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