Yoda, the new actor of change in urban mobility

Yoda, the new actor of change in urban mobility

Yoda is an urban mobility service offering a new alternative to using a bike or scooter in town. They provide light electric mopeds for private use in the form of a subscription. An all-inclusive service.

It all started, based on a fairly obvious observation, the limitation of cars in the city would allow light and electric vehicles to become the norm. This is why, at the end of 2019, Armand Chariot decided to build a new type of vehicle himself in his garage. An electric moped capable of offering a fun and 100% motorized driving experience, simple to use, light, comfortable, easy to handle and safer than electric scooters.

Yoda aims to progress towards more sustainable mobility and to become an agent of change by questioning our lifestyles and our choices. Their mission is to develop an innovative mobility service intended to make travel in the city more pleasant and fluid thanks to light, connected and modular electric mopeds. A Yoda changes the game in town! When it comes to getting around, there's nothing like a small motorized vehicle that behaves practically like a bicycle. This new vehicle offers a very simple and fun driving experience, adapting its maximum speed according to the user profile.

Yoda is a company developing not only an innovative product but also a unique service. They make their electric mopeds available as a business subscription for their employees and offer continuous service to keep their vehicles running smoothly. This service includes many advantages, such as telephone assistance, vehicle breakdown service, repair and maintenance, localization, sharing with friends, … and much more.

The company plans to replicate its assembly/maintenance units in each country/city in which it wishes to develop and establish itself. In this way, Yoda is a company that offers a more eco-responsible and socially just service by creating jobs locally.

The adaptability of the product allows them to offer different packages according to the needs and expectations of the customer.

The Yoda team is now made up of 2 co-founders and 2 key partners as well as several freelancers. “We are developing the hardware and the industrialization of the product in collaboration with Futurewave; a very talented engineering and design studio in Brussels. The software development is led by TheTribe, one of our investors. »

The funds raised (partly from BeAngels members) will allow the startup to set up a first production unit and build a first series of Yodas for their first customers. A launch is planned for summer 2023.

Rather nice? Don't wait to pre-order this new product/service. A limited and exclusive quantity of Yodas is available. Go directly to their website www.yoda.bike and contact them.