Investors Night - Antwerp

Investors Night - Antwerp

**This event is for BeAngels members and people interested in discovering the Business Angels activity/ joining the network.**

For our next Investors Night, we are pleased to invite you on Thursday, September 21st at Delen Private Bank (Jan van Rijswijcklaan 184, 2020 Antwerpen).

Five projects pre-selected by BeAngels will be presented.

The Investors Night will also be available in live streaming for our online participants.

Are you joining for the first time? If you would like to know more about BeAngels and our activities, how to become a member, how BeAngels can help you to invest in startups, etc; we are hosting an information session, before the Investors Night from 17h30 until 18h00.
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Meet the following companies

  • Insurtech - early revenues - B2C - Looking for 1mio€ in equity

    Cracking the millennials & gen Z market with its new generation insurance
    We offer a subscription-based and all-in-one insurance solution powered by leading Belgian insurers, and distributed in partnership with professional brokers. Our goal? Secure 30,000+ contracts by 2025, launching this September, and establish a dominant presence in the young starter insurance market.
    We are looking for (1) Angels who can support the development of our distribution network (2) Insurance professionals with connections in the brokerage sector
    (3) Angels with connections with large property landlords and other activities related to Millennials and GenZ (banking, retail…) to distribute our products at different stages of life of our target segment

  • FemTech – Pre-Seed – B2C – Looking for 550k€ in equity

    Smart wearable for breastfeeding mothers
    More than half of mothers find themselves stopping breastfeeding earlier than they would prefer. Why? The lack of the necessary support, especially when they return to work as compelled to use breast pumps, an experience many dislike. Our brand is dedicated to providing unwavering support to women throughout their motherhood journey. Our initial focus involves creating optimal conditions for breastfeeding through a mobile app-based service and an interconnected wearable breast pump.
    We are looking for angels having expertise in one or more of the following fields: brand building, B2C, internationalization, digital health, women and baby care sectors and hardware/manufacturing.

  • BioTech – prototype tested – B2B – looking for 450k€ in equity

    Getting your mitral valve back in shape
    Two-thirds of patients suffering from mitral regurgitation are being treated with a medical device developed for what the other third is suffering from. We are determined to transform this scenario by pioneering a novel, minimally invasive repair solution specifically tailored for what is known as secondary mitral regurgitation, which affects the majority of these patients. Mitral regurgitation stands as the most prevalent cardiac valve ailment globally, with over 4 million severe cases awaiting treatment in EU and the US combined. If left unaddressed, half of these individuals will succumb within five years. First prototypes have already been tested in live animals, we will now finalize the design and demonstrate sustained efficacy and safety by letting animals live with our implanted solution for 3 to 6 months, a key value creation milestone towards addressing a $4 billion market.
    We are looking for angels having a network with large medical devices companies as potential strategic investors into the company; a network with large US, EU or Asia-based medtech VC funds; experience with setting up a Class III medical device supply chain; or experience with conducting clinical trials and regulatory approval processes on Class III medical devices.

  • AI – B2B / B2C – early revenues Looking for 600k€ in equity

    Speech recognition-based video games designed for people with speech disorders
    We are a pioneering tech company, breaking new ground as the world's first to utilize AI and speech recognition technology to create video games tailored for individuals with speech disorders. Our product is an engaging voice-controlled game that offers immediate feedback and a continuous platform for practice. Launched in April 2023, this venture emerged as a spin-off from imec and VUB. Considering that there are approximately 80 million people worldwide dealing with stuttering, the growth potential for this initiative in the upcoming years is exceptionally promising.
    We are looking for angels who have expertise in business development in particular in North America. A bonus would be investors with experience launching apps in the area of healthcare or education.

  • Enterprise software – B2B2C – revenues - Looking for 1,8Mio€ (80% committed) in equity

    Automating the work behind sports clubs and federations
    We are a fully automated sports club and federation management software. We replace management of organizations through AI and Automation. Currently active on 3 European markets, with >450 paying B2B SaaS clients generating >600k€ ARR, we now aim to aggressively push our expansion and breach the 1M€ in ARR.
    We are looking for smart angels that understand either B2B SaaS or the Sports Industry, or that have valuable knowledge in Growth and International Expansion.


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