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Gov&Go is a web-based solution designed to digitise, systematise and facilitate the decision-making processes of any company. Board meetings, general meetings, strategic committees... All the decisions taken by these bodies can be organised, voted on, signed and archived in the space reserved for each company. Good governance is not an end in itself. On the contrary, it is a catalyst for the company's growth, providing it with all the agility it needs to face up to new opportunities or unforeseen challenges. That's why Gov&Go helps to organise this governance in a collaborative, all-in-one solution. Organisation of the cap-table, planning of meetings, convening, attendance, proxies, videoconferencing, questions before and during the meeting, voting, minutes and signatures, organisation of your permanent file or your data-room. All these tools are centralised in one place, accessible 24 hours a day and securely.

Gov&Go is currently available in FR/NL/EN for all companies based in Belgium, Luxembourg or France.

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