Simple, fair and transparent health insurance. 100% digital with super fast service.

1 month free subscription to an Alan Koala, Wombat, Panda or Alan Mind plan

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Alan is the first healthcare insurance 100% digital in Europe.

We at Alan shift the focus from acute sick care to always-on prevention and early diagnosis. We pay attention to well-being as a whole, by promoting and offering the tools for a healthy lifestyle with physical activity, mental support, nutrition, sleep and recovery. We want everyone to benefit from a personalized and proactive healthcare experience at the best possible price.

Alan sets a new standard for care, from ‘one system fits all’ to an adaptable system built for the many. A personal re-imagining of our relationship with our own well- being, not one in spite of our lives but as part of our lives.

Alan is not only an insurance against illness, it is a living system of users, doctors, and providers, creating a seamless flow between the way we live and the way we feel. Alan is not only an invitation to better health, but Better Living. Alan is the subscription to better living.

Your advantages:

  • Offer valid for all startups belonging to the BeAngels community and having at least 5 FTE.
  • For those who discover Alan, 1 month free of charge to Alan Koala, Wombat or Panda services
  • Alan Mind subscription valid for startups having subscribed to an Alan plan.
  • Alan Mind subscription valid until December 2022
I asked a doctor for advice through Alan's medical chat. I don't like to go to a doctor for a simple question, it feels like I'm wasting their time. Through the chat I got a very clear answer.
Chloé - Too Good To Go
When switching to Alan, we decided to insure children of our employees. We didn't do that before. It's an investment. A relevant, sustainable reward for our employees.
Koen - Ambassify
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