Direct Investor

Access exclusive deal flow and reinforce your investment potential with Direct Investor

Tailored investments for experienced investors: Get priority access to premium startup opportunities

Direct Investor at a glance

Min Investment
25k on average/deal
Investment Type
Case by case
Investor Profile
Investor Involvement
Sector/ Geographic focus
Mainly BE + LUX/FR
Development stage
Mainly seed

Why invest with Direct investor

  • Exclusive Deal Flow: Get priority access to premium startup opportunities.

  • Active Involvement: Join startup boards, share advice, and leverage your network for growth.

  • Full Autonomy: Make case-by-case investment decisions with direct shareholder status

  • Tailored Investments: Craft a portfolio to match your vision, starting at €25k per opportunity.

  • Local Focus: Emphasis on seed-stage startups in BE+LU and FR.

  • Access to all BeAngels services

How to start your journey?

  1. step 1

    Get in touch with us!

    Ready to take the leap? Start a call with Tatiana or Jaime to get your questions answered, and we’ll guide you to understand how to start on the right foot

    Your success story starts now!

  2. step 2

    Attend the monthly Investors' Night

    • As a BeAngels member you get access to the monthly investment forums in Brussels & Luxembourg
    • At the forums you participate in pitches of startups pre-selected by us
  3. step 3

    Strike a deal

    • If a pitch convinces you, enter the deal negotiations. 

    • BeAngels can support you with the creation of SPVs and provide back office and legal services.

    • Minimum 25.000€ per investment
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Who we are

BeAngels is the leading Business Angels community in Belgium and Luxembourg. BeAngels in 2023 :

  • 485 Active members
  • 8,1 millions raised & raising
  • 478 Financed startups

Portfolio example

  • Satochip white
  • Yotako white
  • Vestis labs white
  • Beatsurfingwhite
  • Beinfluence White Europe
  • Becentral white
  • 456 white logo
  • Aividens 1

What members say about us

  • It is not uncommon for me to hear people around me talking about problems and I ask them if they know of this or that startup. It allows us to build relationships both professionally and privately.
    Cécile Cordier BeAngels Member
  • Being a business angel means discovering a whole world of opportunities.
    Yves Colinet BeAngels Member

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Ready to take the leap as a business angel? Your journey begins here! Start a call with Tatiana or Jaime to get your questions answered, and we’ll guide you to understand how to start on the right foot. Get in touch – your success story starts now!

Frequently asked questions

We organize file presentations every month, except during school holidays. These forums take place once a month at the end of the day (reception at 5:30 p.m. in person – 6:30 p.m. online). The location is communicated in the invitation that you will receive before the forum. You receive a description summary of the project in an anonymous manner.

As a “solo” business angel, it is not always easy to find projects in which to invest, and even less the right ones. Joining a community of investors like BeAngels means joining a network of qualified people who already have a good understanding of investing in startups.

The typical amount for a direct investment is €25,000.

The annual subscription for the year amounts to €1,000 (excl. VAT) with a (one-off) entry fee of €250 (excl. VAT).