Vestis Labs: digital fashion forward

Vestis Labs: digital fashion forward

Founded by a team of experts with over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, Vestis Labs was born from the vision of a more digital and sustainable future for that ecosystem. Targeting the underserved small to medium-sized fashion market, Vestis Labs aims to standardize the digital world of fashion and provide a platform to accelerate digital transformation. With its innovative digital workflow, leveraging creative 3D software, Vestis Labs sets itself apart from competitors by offering a subscription-based platform for digital sampling and fitting for physical production.

Living in a digital world, we are still far from a fully digital value chain in the fashion industry. This requires not only a change of tools but also workflow and mindset.

Vestis Labs wants to revolutionize the way we approach fashion design and development. Their platform makes it possible to prototype designs quickly and efficiently, saving time and reducing waste. As glamorous as it seems, the fashion world is still a wasteful, inefficient, and non-digitized industry. Under constant pressure to create, design and reach margins, they often need more time and resources to investigate a solution. By providing tools and helping to adapt to a digital design development process without taking away the essence of their creativity, Vestis Labs aims to help put a focus on the work that matters and to increase sustainability and competitiveness in this challenging climate. The future of design and development, according to Vestis Labs, will not be limited to sketching with pens and papers but with clicks and drags.

Their team, led by CEO Fonny Bunjamin and spread between Luxembourg and London, has already achieved traction with many fashion companies using Vestis Labs to explore ways to increase sustainability and efficiency. Working together with Vestis Labs, they were able to iterate their designs quickly without having to create excess physical samples, reducing physical samples production and sampling costs. In addition, having a digital selection enables them to implement their on-demand and personalization business model.

With investment from BeAngels and the support of the Fit4Start program in Luxembourg, Vestis Labs plans to build a digital ecosystem in the fashion industry through digital prototyping, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the process.

"Working with BeAngels has been a smooth and well-organized experience. They have helped us connect with the right people and have provided valuable support throughout our fundraising journey," said a representative from Vestis Labs.

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