Savics: the adventure of a social startup

Savics: the adventure of a social startup

A social enterprise Savics is helping health authorities in low-income countries move from a paper-based operating system to real-time digital management of data collection and processing from laboratories and hospitals. The objective is to optimize access to care and its costs to offer it to as many people as possible.

After a doctorate in particle physics, Xavier Morelle worked, among other things, in the innovation department of the famous tire brand Goodyear. After 13 years of working for the same company, he decided to create a social impact start-up to create meaningful work for himself. He has never regretted his decision to move from employee to manager. 'independent.

Savics, created in 2016, has developed software (DataToCare) that greatly improves the process of screening for tuberculosis in disadvantaged countries. As we experienced here during the COVID-19 crisis, it makes it possible to inform the patient, his doctor and the health managers of the test result in real-time. The data is also instantly transmitted to a central server, which allows authorities to have a global view of the prevalence of the disease in a country or region and to adapt health policies accordingly. This software is used in more than 15 countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Savics, still growing, mainly prioritizes the hiring of a native workforce to train these people with appropriate training and engage their networks in the market. Only 20% of Savic's employees are European.

Nevertheless, despite the Covid years which turned all the priorities of the international health authorities upside down and considerably reduced Savics' order book, the company was able to come out of the crisis stronger, thanks in part to raising funds from public and private investors, including among others with BeAngels, which raised a sum of €78k. The capital raised in the convertible loan was used to fill the lack of working capital during the COVID period as well as to strengthen their product model to sustain it. The resilience Savics has shown during the COVID crisis has been rewarded with the 2022 Braville Prize awarded by the business circle of the same name.

Savic's vision is that universal healthcare coverage will be a reality in 2040. To achieve this, Ministries of Health will need to have at their disposal quality operational, medical and personal data to optimize and manage at better costs, supply and access to health care. To provide this data to the various stakeholders, Savics plans to continue the development of its current offer to eventually provide an all-in-one software for capturing data from the health ecosystem.