Proteme, a natural food coating solution

Proteme, a natural food coating solution

Proteme, a French AgTech company dedicated to meeting the challenge worldwide in the reduction of food waste, is pleased to announce the success of its first fundraising for a total amount of €605,000. This financial transaction was carried out at the beginning of 2023 and marks a significant step in the development of the company and its food coating innovation, which extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables while protecting them against diseases of storage.

The urgent need to feed the growing world population, coupled with the urgency to reduce environmental impact, has brought food waste to the fore as one of the most critical issues of the 21st century. In France alone, food waste contributes to the emission of 15.3 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year. Proteme recognizes the seriousness of this situation and is committed to providing sustainable alternatives to synthetic crop protection products used post-harvest.

"Our mission at Proteme is to revolutionize the way we protect and preserve fresh produce," said Paul Malfoy, President of Proteme. “With our eco-friendly food coating solutions, we aim to significantly reduce food loss, minimize environmental impact and contribute to the agro-ecological transition. We are delighted to have successfully concluded our first fundraising. the confidence that our investors have placed in our vision and in our innovative technology."

The first fundraising, completed earlier this year, attracted a diverse group of investors committed to creating positive change in the food industry. Notable participants include Exerte Partners, a family office of Cypriot origin, as well as renowned business angels associated with BeAngels and WeLikeStartup.

"We believe in Proteme's vision and the potential impact their solutions can have across the entire food chain," said a representative from Exerte Partners. "Their innovative approach to food coating is in line with our commitment to sustainable technologies. We are excited to contribute to Proteme's journey and help them make a meaningful difference in reducing food waste and eliminating products. chemicals in people's daily diets."

The funds raised during this financial operation will be mainly allocated to the finalization of the development at the laboratory scale of the first two products of Proteme, to the recruitment of expert profiles and to a substantial material investment linked to the move to its first premises, scheduled for September. 2023.

Proteme has initially developed two distinct products to meet the needs of producers in the sector: a first food coating dedicated to bananas makes it possible to extend the marketing period of this fruit by almost 10 days, while the product dedicated to lemon reduces half the occurrence of storage diseases. These unique solutions preserve the nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables while limiting their weight loss, thus helping to significantly reduce food waste.
Today, the Proteme founding team is already focused on the next phase of growth. The company plans to launch a second seed fundraising round to close by the end of 2023.

The funds raised will be mainly allocated to the gradual scaling up of production, to regulatory procedures and to carrying out experimental trials with industrial partners in the banana and lemon sector.
Proteme is poised to make a lasting impact on the global food industry, and this successful fundraising marks a significant milestone in its journey. With its eco-friendly food coating solutions, the company is poised to revolutionize the way we protect and preserve fresh produce, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient food system.

About Proteme
Proteme is a French start-up specializing in deep-tech solutions for the food industry. The company develops ecological food coating solutions for fruits and vegetables, offering an environmentally friendly substitute for synthetic post-harvest phytosanitary products. Proteme's innovative approach extends the shelf life of fresh produce and safeguards it against storage diseases, significantly reducing food losses and the associated environmental impact.

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