Locky, the startup that challenges bike thieves

Locky, the startup that challenges bike thieves

Locky, an innovative Belgian startup in the field of technology and mobility, has developed a parking terminal for bicycles presented as unbreakable, stylish, and compact, to fight against the epidemic of bicycle thefts that is rampant throughout Europe.

The Locky project is designed to complement existing bicycle racks with its terminals, equipped with their locking arm, thus replacing the user's padlock. The stations, energy self-sufficient, can be installed anywhere in a few minutes. The arm developed by Locky offers increased resistance against theft attempts, requiring more than six discs to be started by a grinder. They are equipped with an alarm, and Locky guarantees to reimburse the bike in the event of theft to reassure the cyclist and offers a service accessible via an intuitive application allowing you to locate, reserve, and unlock a station.

The idea was born from a simple story. At the end of the second lockdown, Shady Cantarella (CEO of Locky) often went to his best friend Martin Laval (COO of Locky) by bike. The risk of theft was greater because few people were on the streets, so Shady always rode her bike to Martin's, on the second floor, in his living room. One day, Martin got fed up and a debate ensued, then a challenge: to find a solution. This is how Locky's story begins. Drawing, feasibility study, financial plan, pitches... the project was taking shape. They raise 75,000 euros from acquaintances, convertible loan at the start of 2023, create a prototype during the first 3 quarters of the same year with FutureWave, win a call for projects from the Brussels region with Bruxelles Mobility in September, and file a patent in January 2024 working with Gevers. They are now preparing the launch of the first stations in Brussels for the end of April, still in collaboration with Brussels Mobility. The solution will be accessible to cyclists at an hourly and daily rate, before launching a broader subscription offer.

A successful first round of funding with private investors, including BeAngels, raised 200,000 euros. They supplement their budget with a loan of 150,000 euros and two subsidies from the Walloon region to push their R&D and their commercial strategy even further.

For their launch, Locky is seeking partnerships with the entire cycling ecosystem, from startups to large groups, including associations, the transport sector, and insurance.

« The year 2023 was very intense, it was our first product development, first call for projects, first fundraising, first patent filing, we had to learn very quickly. Fortunately we have always surrounded ourselves very well and had the chance from the start to work with very experienced people. » Shady, CEO of Locky.

At the same time, Locky is venturing into the B2B sector for interested companies. The product is already available for pre-order. Locky sells its stations directly to companies who want to offer a free bicycle parking solution to their visitors, customers, and employees. The company plans rapid expansion in Wallonia and Flanders.

The objective by 2025 is to prove their commercial viability, raise funds, and approach neighboring countries.

Locky already allows users to register and benefit from 20 hours of free parking, usable from the launch of the stations at the end of April: www.locky.bike