Satochip, the Belgian startup that is shaking up the world of hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies

Satochip, the Belgian startup that is shaking up the world of hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies

Satochip is proud to announce the success of its first fundraising. Supported by the consulting firm Dups, the company has secured its financing from renowned investors, including Brice Le Blevennec, Baudouin van Male, members of the BeAngels network and the W.ING investment fund. The startup consolidates its position as a major player in the field of blockchain security in Europe.

Satochip has distinguished itself with its innovative approach to ensuring the security and accessibility of cryptocurrencies. Its main product, a hardware wallet, functions as a tamper-proof safe for digital assets, providing robust protection against cyber threats and ensuring smooth transactions. In addition, Satochip has developed a backup solution called Seedkeeper, designed to secure users' recovery phrase (or seedphrase). The company is also innovating with Satodime, a gift card allowing exchanges of crypto-currencies, from hand to hand, without compromising the security of the assets stored. These products exemplify Satochip's commitment to making cryptocurrency management both safe and accessible to everyone.

Faced with the rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency market, the solutions offered by Satochip have established themselves as essential tools, both for seasoned traders and for novices in the world of digital assets.

« "We want to create the easiest to use and cheapest crypto security product on the market." » Baudouin Collard - Founder of Satochip
Illustration Seedkeeper 2000

"We are extremely grateful for the trust our investors have shown in our startup [...]", said Bastien Taquet, co-founder and CBO of the company. “This funding marks a major milestone in our mission to make security tools accessible to everyone. With this support, we are determined to bring our innovative solutions to a growing number of people and organizations who are looking for reliable and intuitive tools. to manage their digital assets."

Satochip stands out in particular for its desire to combine mobility and efficiency. By focusing on products in smart card format and integrating NFC technology, the start-up offers an optimal mobile experience without sacrificing security. Their user-centric approach ensures unprecedented ease of access to tools for securing digital assets, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or NFTs.

Illustration Satodime 2000