Ethernetics raises €600k to reduce  datacentre electricity consumption

Ethernetics raises €600k to reduce datacentre electricity consumption

Press release

The Belgian high-tech startup specializing in datacentre & telecoms decarbonization has completed a fresh round of fundraising for the commercial launch of its product in Belgium and across the rest of Europe. Its technology is designed to reduce telecoms datacentre energy consumption by up to 30%.

With the boom in the digital sector and the surge in big data, the number of datacentres is increasing constantly. Recognized as being high energy consumers, datacentres also increase CO2 emissions and contribute towards global warming. According to the latest recorded figures, datacentres represent 5% of global electricity consumption and are expected to exceed 10% within ten years or so. This is a major issue, as the European Union has set a carbon neutral target for datacentres by 2030.

To combat this problem which is contributing to the climate crisis, Ethernetics has set datacentre carbon footprint reduction as its main goal. Thanks to its solutions, datacentres and their clients use less energy and the energy consumed is used more efficiently, while also improving performances and extending the lifespans of servers and network components. According to the CEO Jan Dezutter “servers used for storage are frequently replaced after only 4 years of service, whereas they could simply be adapted, which is possible with our equipment".

Carbon footprints can also be reduced through the use of Ethernetics products, composed of a maximum number of recyclable components, which are bought and transformed in Belgium, and its service based on the idea that the most sustainable type of kilowatts of energy are the ones which are not consumed. Via its SaaS solution, the startup enables its datacentre clients to significantly reduce their energy bills by monitoring their machines using an algorithm. “Currently, it is as if all servers in datacentres were switched onto full capacity mode. As if they have no alternative to using the sport mode in a car and it is not possible to switch into economy mode. This is now possible with Ethernetics”. Each kilowatt of energy which is not used is a more sustainable kilowatt.

Major players in the telecoms sector, such as Orange, have already been persuaded by the solution, which enables them to reduce their CO2 emissions and their costs by 12%. “With our solution, companies can now choose a sustainable IT policy, in the same way as they opt for a sustainable mobility policy, for example by replacing their vehicle fleets with electric cars”.

The funds were raised among members of the BeAngels network and current shareholders.

About Ethernetics

Ethernetics is a digital green company with one major mission: decarbonize the internet and offer a piece of the puzzle in making the internet greener! Operating more sustainably is one of the key challenges for datacentres and the telecommunications industry in the current decade. The Ethernetics Managed Smart PDU platform is the world’s most advanced, intelligent, programmable and sustainable platform available in the industry to date. Our software services offer power quality insights, reduce power costs, increase energy efficiencies by automation, identify idle servers and stranded capacity and sum to a lower carbon footprint.