BeAngels introduces the 'tailor-made investor club' to invest in startups together

BeAngels introduces the 'tailor-made investor club' to invest in startups together

BeAngels, one of the largest European networks of private investors, announces the launch of “Investment Club as a Service”, a new innovative “à la carte” service for private investors where they can create an investment club with experienced investors. BeAngels also immediately presents a first investment club under this formula: “NXT”.

BeAngels, the Belgian network of 470 investors which has so far invested 72 million euros in 426 startups, is today launching the first “Investment Club as a Service” in Belgium. In this new type of investor club, a group of private investors can completely create their entry framework with their own conditions, including investment strategy, maximum number of members, annual financial contribution, allocation voting rights, sectors to invest in, minimum investment in startups, etc. The difference with purely digital investment platforms lies in the possibility of using BeAngels' experience, tools and ecosystem.

BeAngels thus completely relieves investors and takes care of the entire back office, such as the admission procedure, KYC, processing of financial transactions, regulatory compliance, drafting of statutes and management of the investment platform of the investors club. In addition, it offers coaches, training, pre-screened investment and co-investment opportunities and access to an extensive network of contacts and expertise of experienced investors.

For ten years, BeAngels has offered many ways to bring together investors and invest in promising startups. With this new “à la carte” formula, BeAngels provides investment clubs with all the tools they think they need: support from an experienced business angel, access to deal flow, implementation of investment vehicle and its administrative management.

“BeAngels already has a unique approach to the market by offering five different ways to invest in start-ups and scale-ups in Belgium and Luxembourg. With à la carte investment clubs, it clearly distinguishes itself from other forms of investment by the involvement of active investors, wishing to meet start-ups, wishing to broaden their network beyond their professional sector and wishing to learn from the experiences and skills of others,” says Jaime Cuykens, Venture Partner of BeAngels.

NXT: a new investment club for the young generation of entrepreneurs

NXT is the first investment club founded by BeAngels under the new format, on the initiative of young entrepreneurs Jaime Cuykens, Thomas Van Durme and Edmond Van Steenberge. It also has experienced members such as Peter Verschelden (president of Moore Belgium), Jan De Roeck (former director of Markit) and Bart Smets (CIO Belfius Direct). The club is specifically aimed at entrepreneurs who have sold their business, young successors to family businesses and experienced executive profiles from traditional and technological sectors. The objective is to combine skills and connections so that everyone, investors and invested companies, can benefit from the “network effect”. NXT starts at the end of September.

“With Investment Club as a Service, BeAngels aims to launch several clubs in Belgium in the coming years and attract hundreds of new private investors. We aim to provide an important platform for startups, entrepreneurs and investors that combines the best aspects of digital and group spirit in the venture capital space. We want to encourage informal investment in a professional, structured and supervised framework, so that it becomes an asset class in its own right and thus benefits the Belgian economy,” declares Claire Munck, CEO of BeAngels.