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Become a business angel

Of course. Many people have no experience as private investors, but would like to invest in startups. For this reason, we propose several investment formulas, including two which are better suited to people taking their first steps in this business:

  1. Learning & doing formula, with the Business Angel Club.
  2. Joint investment with other investors, with SIBA.

By opting for this formula, you undertake to invest a limited amount (€15k) within a group of 20 people. You are guided by two coaches who help you with selecting your investments. Under this formula, you benefit from an advantageous tariff at BeAngels.

The Academy 4-day training programme teaches you investment basics. This is the most popular formula among new members, as it enables you to start off slowly in the business, combining theory and practice.

This formula enables you to invest in startups without playing an active role. Projects are analysed upfront and you then vote on your investment decision through an electronic voting system. This formula is ideal for people wishing to invest in the real economy, but who have only a limited amount of time to analyse projects.

If the startup achieves its planned objectives, shares are sold generally after 5 - 7 years. Various buyout methods are possible, including a share buyback by the founders, a takeover by a competitor, or an IPO. You should always bear in mind that business angel investing is considered as risky and that you may not recoup your money if the startup goes bankrupt. This is why we advise you to diversify investments as broadly as possible into several startups and not put all of your eggs into one basket.

At BeAngels, the internal rate of return (IRR) is 19.9% with an average multiple of 1.88.

Investing in startups enables you to diversify your wealth and invest in other asset classes. In addition to the potential financial gain, it is extremely rewarding for investors to discover and participate in tomorrow’s success stories.

Yes. As a potentially interested investor in startups, you can attend one of our investment forums to discover the business, without any commitment. If you would like to attend again, you will then have to join the network.

Yes, every month we organise an information session lasting 30 minutes, ahead of our investment forums, from 5.30pm until 6pm. In order to gain a broad overview of our business, you can attend the ensuing investment forum. You will be able to hear the pitches by various startups. Discover the next sessions in our calendar by clicking here.


The pre-tax annual membership fee is €1000, plus a one-off pre-tax entry fee of €250.

We organise project presentations every month, except during the school holiday periods. Forums are held in the evening once a month, starting at 5.30pm if you are attending in person, or 6.30pm on-line. The venue is announced in the invitation you receive ahead of the forum. You also receive a brief anonymous outline of the project.

Two options are possible:

- You can view a pitch live on line. Pitches are broadcast in high definition. You have to register to an event to view it live.
- As the pitches are recorded, you can view them in replay on our investor platform. Log on through “Investor dealflow access”.

Firstly, you have to indicate your interest in a project on the investor platform. Once you have done this, you can consult all of the documents that the startup has made available on the investor platform: a one-pager; its presentation; the pitch video and other relevant documents.

Please note that an indication of interest does not commit you to investing in the project. You will simply be contacted for the first deal making meeting. Please withdraw your interest if you do not wish to continue discussions. You can do this by clicking on the “withdraw interest” tab.

At the end of each pitch session, we propose meeting dates for initial discussions between entrepreneurs and investors, called deal making meetings.

A deal maker is a person made available by BeAngels, whose role is to ensure that deal making meetings run smoothly. The deal maker is in charge of orchestrating discussions between investors and entrepreneurs and replying to any questions from both parties.

Log into the investor platform. Select the project you are interested in and indicate your interest. This will open a link for you to register on the project page.

No worries, all of the meetings are recorded and can be viewed in replay on our platform for an indefinite period.

Solo business angels may not find it easy to discover projects to invest in, particularly the good ones. Joining an investor community, like BeAngels, involves joining a network of qualified people who already have a clear understanding of investing in startups.