The POD: NIS 2 and cybersecurity: will your company survive?

The POD: NIS 2 and cybersecurity: will your company survive?

Belgium is a prime target for cyber attacks!

Why? Not least because it is the headquarters of NATO and the European Commission, making the country a potential target, especially in view of the war in Ukraine.

As a Belgian company, large or small, it's important to take steps now to minimize the risks. How can you do this?

Join us at the NIS 2 and cybersecurity conference, it's a unique opportunity to :

- Learn about cybersecurity issues for businesses,

- Prepare to meet new obligations under the new NIS 2 Directive,

- Follow a debate with experts in digital security,

- Exchange with your peers over a drink.

You'll also have the opportunity to check the security of your business email address!



  1. Welcome

  2. Keynote by Benjamin Docquir - NIS 2, a cybersecurity issue that impacts companies' contractual relations

  3. Break

  4. Panel / debate: Broadening the scope and requirements of cybersecurity, harmonizing reporting standards, strengthening cooperation and sanctions for non-compliance by Axel Legay (UCL), Grégorio Matias (MCG), Jean-Marc André (Uniwan) and Benjamin Docquir (Osborne Clark)

  5. Networking Drink

  6. End