BCTE Start Event

BCTE Start Event

On Thursday, October 5, 2023 (18:30 - 22:00), we welcome you to our BCTE Start @Delen Private Bank - Waregem event.

The speakers for this evening are :

Louis Sabbe (Savaco) and Vincent Theeten (Cheqroom).

They will give us an insight into their role and experience on what has been and is the added value of their Board of Directors.

Free for members

50 excl. VAT for non-members registering for the second time



  1. Welcome Drink

  2. BCTE and Delen Private Bank

  3. Case 1: Louis Sabbe (Savaco)

  4. Case 2: Vincent Theeten (Cheqroom)

  5. Group breakdown

  6. Q&A - feedback in groups

  7. Final word BCTE Start - Communauté

  8. Networking