BAE Club E-Pitch

BAE Club E-Pitch

We have 6 fantastic startups lined-up from different countries. They are keen to have new angel investors on board. The startups are carefully selected by and part of the portfolios of our angel network members. These respective angel networks will briefly introduce the startup to you.

The startups have 10 minutes to pitch, and 5 minutes for Q&A with the audience.

Please find the Executive Summaries below.

Startup 1, presented by Tech Angels, from Romania

*Transforming Speech Therapy with Telehealth Innovation *

An innovative telehealth platform is revolutionizing speech therapy for children with different disorders. Their solution offers remote therapy to address issues such as limited accessibility, scheduling conflicts, and transportation costs and provides more flexibility for therapy sessions. Their products include a mobile app and a SaaS platform that connect speech therapists with their clients, regardless of distance. They offer B2C products as well as B2B products. This tech platform is seeking capital in the range of €500,000 - €1,000,000 to democratize access to specialists and improve patient outcomes. Searching for angels with knowledge of healthcare, wellness, edtech Industry.


Startup 2, presented Business Angels Connect, Netherlands

*Blood Sampling Solution Improving Diagnostic Performance*

Their technology, a flow biopsy, uses medical wires to capture and accumulate a target biomarker in the blood flow, providing highly enriched samples even if the biomarker is extremely rare. The company aims to provide their first product, a disposable device, to clinical institutions at an affordable price range, similar to existing biopsy needles. This solution has the potential to improve diagnostic accuracy in areas such as cancer screening, treatment selection, and response monitoring. The company is seeking €1,500,000 to €1,600,000 in capital and is looking for angel investors in the medical device industry.


Startup 3, presented by PBA, from France

*Revolutionizing Video with GreenEncoder Technology*

Their technology is a plug-and-play and user-friendly solution that reduces the weight of a video of equal quality by 70%. In addition, it offers report automation and communication facilities, making it accessible for both the B2B and B2C markets, including big brands, media agencies, video content publishers, influencers, and YouTubers. This solution not only reduces the carbon footprint of digital video but also produces carbon and energy reports contributing to the environmental report. They are seeking €1,000,000 to €5,000,000 in capital to bring their innovative solution to market. The company is seeking investors in the cleantech and software industries.


Startup 4, presented by BeAngels, Belgium

*Premium Content for Broadcasters in the Evolving Media Industry *

An entertainment company that creates premium TV series and films that cater to the growing demand from broadcasters. By understanding the needs and preferences of broadcasters, the company identifies the broadcaster’s needs (format, genre), finds adequate unique IPs (books, scripts), and works with today's best talent (scriptwriters and directors). Their goal is to provide a diverse slate of projects and continuously deliver fresh, in-demand content. The company seeks capital investment to support its growth and operations. The company is seeking capital in the range of €350,000 - €1,000,000. Looking for angels in the media, entertainment and creative Industries.


Startup 5, presented by Berlin Angels, Germany

* Revolutionizing Nighttime Care in Nursing Homes *

This company provides a cutting-edge solution to help care facilities tackle staffing shortages while ensuring resident safety during nighttime hours. With the use of mobile autonomous robots equipped with radar sensors, the solution enables staff to perform regular checks on residents without the need for intrusive devices in their rooms. This not only offers peace of mind for residents but also helps reduce the risk of accidents. The solution is offered as a SaaS model that includes installation, customer support, and maintenance, making it a hassle-free option for care facilities. This company is seeking capital in the range of €1,500,000 and looking for angel investors in the healthcare and engineering sectors.


Startup 6, presented by Romanian Tech Angels

* Empowering Digital Transformation with Augmented Analytics and Digital DNA Assessment *

This company is a B2B all-in-one platform that helps enterprises and SMBs choose the best software solution for their digital transformation journey by using Augmented Analytics and Digital DNA. Their Digital DNA is a tool that assesses a company's needs and helps them discover the best software solution. Companies can subscribe on a yearly basis and if they connect with software provided through the company, the provider will pay a small fee for access to a request for proposal. They are seeking €500,000 to €1,000,000 in capital and searching for angels in the software industry.