Focus on scale-ups, enabling startups to achieve their full potential

Ideal for bigger investment in startups that are further along

ScaleFund at a glance

Min Investment
150k€ to be invested over the investment period (5 years)
Investment Type
Investor Profile
Investor Involvement
Sector/ Geographic focus
Mainly BE + LUX/FR
Development stage
Post-Seed/ Series A

Why invest with ScaleFund

  • Discretionary management by an experienced team

  • Portfolio diversification: Investing in multiple startups or scale-ups can reduce overall risk by spreading investments across multiple companies.

  • Support for growing companies: Work with shareholders and management from the previous round to achieve the next milestones

  • International potential: Invest in innovative scale-ups with international potential

  • Ticket per investor of at least € 150,000 to invest over the investment period (5 years)

  • Portfolio of circa 20 companies in the next 5 years

  • Get exclusive access to all BeAngels services

How to start?

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Who we are

ScaleFund is a Belgian fund with a pan-European vocation dedicated to supporting companies with high potential until they reach maturity.

  • 16 Investment in different startups
  • 12 In portfolio
  • 12.5 millions raised via 2 funds (Scale I & II)
  • 40 % of our startups in portfolio include women founders

Illustration of our portfolio

  • Output onlinepngtools 13
  • 456 white logo
  • Naki logo
  • Passbolt white
  • Moonbird white
  • Jeudi merci logo blanc
  • Resortec white
  • Kaspard white
  • Ionnyk white good size

What they say about us

  • Having been involved on the Investment Committee of Scale, as a representative of finance& and FPIM/SFPI, I can attest to the professionalism of the SCALEFUND team in sourcing quality deal flow, selecting and preparing thoroughly investment opportunities, and providing great support to founders and teams
    Barbara Roose Chief Investment Officer & Head of Unit, Finance &
  • The support of Scale II has been instrumental in our growth trajectory. On top of the financial support, Scale really managed to create value on important and strategic aspects of the business when it was needed, a rare quality among investors.
    Kevin Muller Founder & CEO de Passbolt

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Frequently asked questions

The Scalefund invests in projects leaving the start-up phase, at the pre-Series A stage. The companies concerned generally raise between 1 and 3 million euros, and the Scalefund fund will provide on average 500k as part of a first investment with follow-on capacity.

SCALEFUND is an investment fund launched by BeAngels in 2017. Being backed by BeAngels provides access to a pool of experts who can help with Board of Directors as well as due diligence or post monitoring. -investment.

Scalefund can invest in projects previously financed by BeAngels investors, or in co-investment with known investors.

The SCALEFUND team is in contact with all the entrepreneurs in the portfolio, and manages the files from the due diligence phase until exit.

Meetings are organized with entrepreneurs annually and certain company visits are also held.

The minimum investment for SCALEFUND is €150,000, and €500,000 in order to have priority co-investment rights at the same time as the fund. This amount is called up progressively over the 5-year investment period.