Business Angel Club

Become a Business Angel Club through learning and doing. Join a group of investors composed of 10-20 individuals and enter the world of Business Angel in a collegial manner

Ideal for starting an investment portfolio and becoming acquainted with the activity of a business angel

Business Angel Club at a glance

Min Investment
20 000€
Investment Type
Investor Profile
Investor Involvement
Sector/Geo Focus
Mainly BE + LUX/FR
Development stage
Principalement seed

Why join a Business Angel Club?

  • Support and Coaching: Personalized coaching and training and access to all BeAngels services

  • Quality Training Program: Get access to high-quality training program in 8 intensive modules where you learn how to invest in startups from experienced investors

  • Collective Decision-Making: Club gathering of max 20 individuals

  • Majority decision-making with 1 or 2 investors in the lead

  • Structured Investment Opportunities: Amount of financing divided into 3 deals a year

  • Reinvestment and Individual Direction: Possibility to reinvest and direct investing as an individual investor

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How to start your adventure?

  1. step 1

    Get in touch with us!

    Ready to take the leap? Start a call with our colleagues Tatiana Miron or Jaime Cuykens to get your questions answered, and we’ll guide you to understand how to start on the right foot.

  2. step 2

    Attend the monthly Investors' Night

    • At our Investors Nights, attend the pitches of start-ups pre-selected by our Selection Comitee
    • Come together with the members of your Business Angel Club and discuss projects
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Who we are

BeAngels is the leading Business Angels community in Belgium and Luxembourg. BeAngels in 2023 :

  • 485 Active members
  • 8,1 million raised & raising
  • 478 Financed startups

Examples of portfolio companies for the BAC

  • Yago white 2
  • Flowchase white
  • Apptweak white
  • Ethernetics white
  • Aividens 1
  • Ionnyk white good size
  • 456 white logo

What members say about us

  • It is attractive to have the opportunity to learn to invest personally in startups in a collegial manner, as we do at BeAngels. Combining investment training offered by BA Academy with group investing is one of the safest and most progressive ways to become an angel investor.
    Corinne Saunders BAC 16 member
  • Being a business angel means discovering a whole world of opportunities.
    Yves Colinet BAC 9 member
  • If I am carrying out due diligence, I can always ask the group’s opinion. This is ideal to learn to start as a business angel.
    Cécile Cordier BAC 11 member
  • I benefited from the experience and compliments of other investors at the same level but also from more senior investors in the Business Angels function.
    Bernard Nicolay

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Ready to take the leap as a business angel? Plan a call with our colleagues Tatiana Miron or Jaime Cuykens to get your questions answered, and we’ll guide you to understand how to start on the right foot. Get in touch with us!

Frequently asked questions

A Business Angel Club is a group of investors pooling their capital to invest together for a year.

By opting for this formula, you agree to invest a specific individual amount (€20k) in three projects chosen collectively during the year. You are supervised by one or two coaches who help you in the selection of your investments. This is the formula that is most successful with new members, because it allows you to get started in this activity gently, combining theory and practice.

Anyone with little or no experience in the world of investing. Joining a Business Angel Club is the ideal way to start your investment journey.

The investment amount is €20,000 per person in the group for 3 investments over the course of a year.

However, you can decide to invest more in the companies you like, reinvest or not, or invest during the year in companies independently of the group's decision.

All members of the group have access to the BeAngels Academy, a 4-day training course that teaches you the basics of investing.

The coach(s) are experienced business angels, who share their “know-how” and their very specific business angel experience.

We organize file presentations every month, except during school holidays. These forums take place once a month at the end of the day (reception at 5:30 p.m. in person – 6:30 p.m. online). The location is communicated in the invitation that you will receive before the forum. You receive a description

summary of the project in an anonymous manner. After the pitch session, the group meets to discuss and evaluate their interest in investing in one of the startups.

The membership fee amounts to €3,000 (excluding VAT), which includes coaching, training, supervision of meetings and due diligence, as well as the annual fee as a member of the network for one year.

During the following years, as long as you have companies in your portfolio, you will be charged monitoring fees (2% of the amount under management). Carried interest fees are also provided upon exit.