Pioneer in the purification of paint water

Pioneer in the purification of paint water

Environmentally conscious Limburg-based company Clean Water Global (CWG) succeeded in securing €500K in financing from various funding partners. BAN Flanders facilitated a successful round with Flemish and Walloon angels from BAN Flanders and BeAngels, along with the crowdfunding platform The international recognition of Clean Water Global was evident in their victory at the Paris final of the international pitch competition FundTruck, an initiative by EuroQuity, following their wildcard win in the national Belgian finals to pitch for our business angels.

Clean Water Global addresses the critical issue of water pollution in the coating industry by developing simple logistical systems and decentralized water purification systems. The goal is to transform an industry known for pollution into a circular, environmentally friendly model that provides financial benefits for all involved.

The newly raised funds will be used to expand the team, improve operational capacity, and enhance market reach. Additionally, the investment will be crucial for optimizing and automating operational processes and increasing efficiency. This will position the company well for future expansion and further internationalization, initially considering expanding in Belgium and the Netherlands before targeting new markets.

« As the founder of Clean Water Global, my mission is to lead circularity and make a positive impact on our planet. We aim to transform the coating industry with our water purification systems, focusing on both ecological and economic sustainability. I strongly believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to create a better future. » Timmy Bours, CEO of CWG

However, CWG's vision isn't confined by borders; the company has a global mission to create profound social and environmental impact. In the first pilot year, they established 20 collection points and formed partnerships with 150 entities, demonstrating dedication and capability.

CWG is more than a company; it's a movement. It was logical for CWG's management to allow citizens to invest through crowd equity. The company aims to set new standards, advocate for change, and invite partners to join in creating a sustainable, profitable future. CWG sees itself as a pioneer aiming to revolutionize the coating industry, one collection point at a time.

« The in-depth sectoral knowledge, idealism, and high ambition of Timmy and Alexandra to contribute innovatively to a better planet convinced me of the value of this project. I am thrilled to be able to support their growth ambitions and look forward, together with all the involved business angels, to continue contributing to successful international development. » Jean-Pierre Mellen, BeAngels' lead investor

Alexandra Florea, COO CWG

“I am extremely grateful and excited to be part of this amazing project that is having a tangible impact on our environment and providing social benefits. It is exciting to guide CWG into the next phase of growth, where we can further expand our impact on sustainability and innovation. Every day I see how our efforts contribute to a better world, and I look forward with great anticipation to the future developments and successes of our company.”

BAN Flanders' deal guide Tonny Vanderhoven

The Entrepreneurs Timmy Bours and his partner Alexandra have an extremely high drive to achieve their goals. You felt this since October, at the start of the discussions with our business angels. Their enthusiasm was contagious to everyone, including our future investment partners. The process came up to speed at the end of November, start of December to complete everything in time for the ultimate date of 15/12/23, in order to allow Tax shelter for private investors. Thanks to the high commitment and great flexibility of everyone, the support of our lawyers Four&Five and the strong efforts of Michel as our Lead Angel, we have jointly achieved a great investment to give Clean Water Global wings in their sustainable international expansion.

BAN Flanders' lead angel Michel Decorte

If you can contribute something to a better environment and a more circular approach in our economy, then you should do so. Charmed by the idealism and infectious drive of Timmy and Alexandra, I am happy that I was able to contribute to the realization of this challenging deal within the very short time frame that we had, together with many co-investors. We certainly look forward to further supporting this great initiative in the future and expanding it internationally, of course in good cooperation with all our partners.

Vincent De Brouwer, Country Manager

Congratulations Timmy and Alexandra! Our world needs more initiatives like this, for the common good and for the good of us all. The financing here is unique, with business angels and citizens investing side by side in large numbers: the ecological problems that CWG tackles are supported by a broad audience. Thanks to the intrinsic quality of the project, we at managed to raise almost €170K from our community of impact investors in a record time of 5 days. Also thanks to the excellent collaboration with BAN Flanders and Four&Five.

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