Bellavie for "good bacteries"

Bellavie for "good bacteries"

BellaVie, specialized in food supplements based on prebiotics, probiotics and neutraceuticals (Symbioceutical®), is a team of passionate professionals whose objective is to improve everyone's health through innovative and unique food supplements. The fundraising aims to propel the company's development efforts in seeking distribution partnerships, business expansion, and new product research and development.

Probiotics: what are they for? Probiotics are live microorganisms beneficial to health. They are naturally present in the intestinal flora, but also in certain fermented foods or in the form of food supplements, the heart of BellaVie’s expertise. They improve the balance of intestinal flora and can have several beneficial effects on health.

« We aim to change the paradigm by taking into account a balanced intestinal flora for better health and thus correct dysbiosis, i.e. imbalances in our microbiota. » Olivier, co-founder

The company focuses on innovative solutions for imbalances in intestinal flora, targeting specific issues such as strengthening immunity and preventing certain infections, improving digestion, regulating blood sugar, preventing urinary infections, etc. Each formulation, called "Synbioceutical", combines carefully selected probiotics with prebiotics and nutraceuticals for increased effectiveness.

The company, founded at the end of 2018 by Olivier Raimond and Benoît Ligot, has been committed to internationalization from the outset, relying on the founders' expertise in international distribution. Currently operating in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, BellaVie is working to expand its reach to new markets, including North America and Latin America.

“We have identified a thriving market for our synbioceuticals and for quality European food supplements. We have acquired a reputation for excellence and seriousness beyond our borders,” declared Olivier Raimond, co-founder of Bellavie.

The recent fundraising will allow BellaVie to develop its teams, continue the clinical studies necessary for the validation of its new products and strengthen its presence on the markets.

“We look forward to continuing our mission to offer innovative solutions for optimal well-being,” added Olivier Raimond.

« BeAngels played a crucial role in fundraising. Their network and strategic support have been of paramount importance for this phase of growth. » Olivier Raimond
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