Asterion Ventures and BeAngels are getting closer

Asterion Ventures and BeAngels are getting closer

The venture capital company Asterion Ventures, which brings together a large part of the French tech ecosystem to invest in high-potential impact startups, and the benchmark business angel network in Belgium, BeAngels, have decided to pool their forces through a strategic partnership.

BeAngels members can now invest in Asterion's holdings and help them accelerate their go-to-market in Belgium and Luxembourg, countries where the network also has a branch.

“By crossing our communities, we aim to become the reference ultra smart money network in BELUX with growing activities in France. If this is made possible, it is because we share the same vision of early-stage investment: money is not enough, you have to provide expertise and that is what selected investor leaders provide. on the pane. », explains Claire Munck, CEO at BeAngels

“It is the meeting of two approaches with the same intention: to allow the financing of the most ambitious projects by the most experienced investors and to aim for a systemic and positive impact.” explains Stéphane Bourbier, founder of Asterion Ventures.

Complementarity of the two networks on the pre-seed and seed

BeAngels is the reference investor network in Belgium, with just over 72 million euros invested in nearly 460 innovative startups from pre-seed to pre-Serie A. BeAngels opened a chapter in Luxembourg a while ago. two years, and invests in companies based in these two countries as well as Paris and the North of France.

For its part, Asterion Ventures has succeeded in barely two years in bringing together a large part of the French tech ecosystem to invest in high-potential impact and climate tech startups. With already 16 start-ups financed as a lead investor, soon 20 million invested and a new dedicated investment vehicle, Asterion has quickly made a name for itself in the seed ecosystem in France.

For Asterion, this means offering start-ups appropriate support as well as better access to financing via an expanded network of investors. For BeAngels, this is an opportunity to enrich the dealflow for its clients, in constant search of new investment opportunities and in particular in impact. This collaboration is also a way for Asterion to pursue its ambition to become one of the benchmark impact venture capital companies in Europe.

An unprecedented value proposition Francophone entrepreneurs and investors

This partnership follows the natural and obvious extension that the Belgian market represents for French impact startups, by facilitating their Go To Market in the Benelux.

For the entrepreneurs supported, the synergy between these two communities represents an accelerator of development and growth, as well as immediate access to the benchmark French-speaking smart money network.

In practice, this partnership is characterized by a percentage of between 5% and 10% of all Asterion investments via SPV, which will be directly reserved for BeAngels Business Angels present in Belgium and Luxembourg. Asterion also undertakes that all Belgian and Luxembourg investors go through BeAngels before investing in them.