Elev8te Info Session - Online

Elev8te Info Session - Online

Following the successes of four historic funding vehicles focusing on pre-seed and especially on helping student entrepreneurs get off the ground, our new tool Elev8te is launching very soon.

What do Levita, Trust Up, Momly or Flowchase have in common? They all benefited from pre-seed funding from our previous pre-seed funds.

Based on 7 years of strong experience and with more than 25 startups funded, Elev8te is a Belgian funding vehicle with a cross-border approach covering the geographies of Belgium and expanding for the first time to Luxembourg and the North of France. It aims at funding projects evolving in incubators directly related to universities and academic environments across the defined region.

Elev8te is directly working closely with 8 incubators, sourcing deal flow from our experienced partners. We strive to build strong relationships with the BeAngels community of private investors to formally give an unfair advantage in the development of the funded startups. More specifically, we will source projects in collaboration with: Venture Lab, StartLab Solvay, StartLab ICHEC, Campus Fund, and KUL Value Network

A few KPIs regarding the performance of our funding vehicles for the past 7 years:

  • 25 companies funded since 2016 through 4 funding vehicles
  • +76 FTEs created in +10 different business sectors
  • 35% of the portfolio is active on the Flemish market

Especially since the COVID-era, business angel financing is increasingly the only source of (re-) financing for start-ups. The Post-Covid Era and the War in Ukraine had two significant impacts on our market. Indeed, many venture funds have moved to later stages of investment, thus drying up capital supply for promising start-ups evolving in the pre-seed and seed stages. This represents an opportunity for Elev8te to leverage this untapped potential.

These information sessions will give you a more in-depth understanding of Elev8te's mission, investment strategy and opportunities. Among other things, we’ll be covering the topics listed below and we’ll be answering questions you might have regarding:

  • Elev8te's scope and reach
  • Incubator partners
  • Status
  • Geographic focus
  • New partnerships
  • Sectors of interest
  • Minimum ticket and capital call structure
  • Proprietary and privileged deal flow source