Investment opportunity in civic mobility and Introduction of Asterion Ventures Funds

Join us on Thursday June 6th from 6pm until 6:45pm for an exclusive virtual presentation by Antonin Leonard. He will introduce you to the second iteration of their investment vehicle; F2.
Diversify your portfolio with 15 high-growth potential investments in decarbonization, climate adaptation and transition-oriented industries. Their Unique Offering: Evergreen Funding Paired With a Community of Investment Experts.
Followed by an insightful project on civic engagement by Florent Barre.

For those not yet familiar with Asterion Ventures, they finance the best impact and climate tech entrepreneurs and help them scale up to transform a sector or create the uses of tomorrow.

Asterion Ventures has financed over 20 startups. For each startup financed, a « dream team » is made of investors ready to dedicate 1 hour of advice, expertise and openings to network, to accelerate growth.

Meet the company

Impact - B to B - Looking for 3,3Mio EUR in equity to accelerate growth and strengthen a position of fastest innovateur in the industry

Imagine a tool that enables you to mobilize thousands of people both online and in-person around a cause that is close to your heart. This is precisely what our company offers to all stakeholders in engagement, ranging from citizen movements to large international NGOs, including public entities.

With 200 clients, including prestigious names such as Greenpeace UK, Don du Sang, and Patagonia, we have demonstrated our effectiveness and growth potential. Our startup is well-positioned to become the European leader in citizen engagement, with 45% of our revenue already generated internationally.

Key achievements:

  • 2,3Mio of ARR
  • Presence in 45 countries
  • BCorp certified


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