Verve Pitch Day

Verve Ventures is inviting you to join the Verve Pitch Day event online.

Sign-up to hear the pitch presentation of two startups carefully selected by Verve Ventures.

In addition to the startup pitches, you will get access behind the scenes of one of the most active VCs in Europe: Two of Verve's managers will shed some light into our selection process and explain why we picked these two startups from our dealflow with more than 6'000 companies per year.

First Pitch: Memo Therapeutics - Biotech
Memo Therapeutics has developed a revolutionary approach to identify rare antibodies for drug discovery. One of the main targets is the BK virus, a deadly pathogen causing infections typically in transplantation of organs. Memo's Anti BK virus program has blockbuster potential with peak sales estimated at USD 1.6 billion per year.

Second Pitch: Groover - Digital Platform
Despite the digital revolution the music industry has undergone, promoting music is still inefficient and it is very difficult. Groover has built a digital platform that allows artists to reach curators (e.g. music bloggers or radio stations). Revenues have grown 3x year-on-year and the company and is expanding rapidly in international markets.

Verve behind the scenes
Verve's investment team is one of the most transaction experienced in Europe. Having invested in more than 160 startups, our investment managers have seen more transactions than experienced VC fund managers and business angels. You will hear from two of our investment team managers how we conducted the due diligence on Memo Therapeutics and Groover and what made them stand out from our dealflow of more than 6'000 other opportunities.


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