Investors Night - Luxembourg

**This event is for BeAngels members and people interested in discovering the Business Angels activity/ joining the network.**

For our next Investors Night, we are pleased to invite you on Thursday, March 21st at Arendt Luxembourg (41 Av. John F. Kennedy, 2082 Kirchberg Luxembourg).

Five projects pre-selected by BeAngels will be presented.

The Investors Night will also be available in live streaming for our online participants.

Are you joining for the first time? If you would like to know more about BeAngels and our activities, how to become a member, how BeAngels can help you to invest in startups, etc; we are hosting an information session, before the Investors Night from 17h30 until 18h00.
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Meet the following companies

  • Belgium's first eco-friendly tire recycling plant using pyrolysis technology
    Impact – B2B – early revenue – looking for min. 500K EUR in a SPV

    We aim to recycle 20,000 tonnes of tires annually at our first site in Feluy, Belgium. Through disruptive pyrolysis technology, up to 90% of the tire will be recycled into circular raw materials, including steel, pyrolysis oil, and carbon black. We will be Belgium's first ecological plant for tire recycling through pyrolysis, sourcing used tires locally to promote a circular and community-centric economy

  • Flexible and fully customizable Photovoltaic solution for the most challenging applications.
    Energy – B2B – product ready – looking for 500K in equity funding.

    We design, validate and manufacture photovoltaic foils that can be integrated in one step in multitude of surfaces and products, focusing on local and large-scale green electricity generation. With its lightweight and impact-resistant technology, it opens up new possibilities and boasts a 50-90% lower environmental impact than standard solutions.

  • Digitizes the adoption of abandoned animals.
    – B2B – generating revenue – looking for 500k EUR in equity funding.

    We transform pet adoption globally by digitizing processes across > 1500 shelters in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland and the United Stated. Having generated >100k EUR in revenue from partnerships with major pet sector players such as Purina or Royal Canin, we are set for hyper-growth in Europe and the US, inviting you to join the transformative journey.
    Today 12,000 adoptions have been completed since the project was launched in 2022.

  • Your personal & smart concierge, designed for convenience.
    SmartHome – B2B – early revenue – looking for 250K EUR in equity funding

    We are specialized in selling smart doorbells, offering a unique access control experience for apartment buildings and professional real estate. We transform the living experience through unparalleled security, advanced user-friendliness, and an intelligent, foolproof solution.

  • Simplifying ethical and compliant AI system development for regulated industries.
    AI – B2B – generating revenue – looking for 1M EUR in equity funding.

    We provide a platform simplifying the development of ethical and compliant AI systems in regulated industries like healthcare and banking. Catering to tech companies and enterprises, we stand out by integrating risk controls directly into the AI system, streamlining regulatory compliance, reducing costs, and ensuring model quality. Thanks to our solution, companies can efficiently deploy AI systems that comply with regulations, adapt to future changes, and prioritize ethics, making it the standard rather than the exception.



  1. Welcome drink

  2. Discover BeAngels

  3. Introduction by Elodie Trojanowski, Chapter Lead Luxembourg and Welcome Word by Arendt

  4. Introduction by Claire Munck, CEO of BeAngels

  5. Startups pitches

  6. Networking cocktail

  7. End