Investor Night - Luxembourg

**This event is for BeAngels members and people interested in discovering the Business Angels activity/ joining the network.**

For our next Investors Night, we are pleased to invite you on Thursday, October 19th at LHoFT (9 Rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Gare Luxembourg).

Five projects pre-selected by BeAngels will be presented.

The Investors Night will also be available in live streaming for our online participants.

Please find below a brief description of the projects that will be presented to you.

Are you joining for the first time? If you would like to know more about BeAngels and our activities, how to become a member, how BeAngels can help you to invest in startups, etc; we are hosting an information session, before the Investors Night from 17h30 until 18h00.
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We look forward to seeing you there,

The BeAngels Team

Meet the following companies

  • The #1platform for ICT challenges
    HRtech – revenues – B2B – looking for 400k EUR

    We stand as the premier platform for orchestrating ICT challenges tailored for employer branding, technical assessments, and ICT recruitment. Our track record speaks volumes, with over 70 challenges spanning across 14 diverse topics in more than 14 countries. Trusted by industry giants like Google, AXA, Microsoft, Deloitte, De Lijn, and Cisco, we boast a remarkable 57% recurring client rate.
    Since 2021, we've expanded our offerings to empower partners with the ability to include IT job listings and conduct CV searches within our network, which comprises an impressive 32,000 IT profiles.
    Our team is composed by knowledgeable shareholders (successful entrepreneurs who sold their IT jobsites and Uni Professors) and 5 experienced employees.
    We invite investors with experience in HR, Marketing Communication, or IT to join us on this exciting journey.

  • Unveiling the ultimate condom experience
    Health - prototype - B2B - looking for 600k EUR

    Every year, 24 billion condoms are manufactured worldwide, but a staggering 6 billion of them are used at risk due to inadequate packaging.
    We specialize in producing and marketing cutting-edge machines equipped with patented technology that delivers innovative packaging solutions for condoms.
    Recognized and endorsed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), our medical device is poised to make a significant impact on public health, marketing effectiveness, and user comfort in the realm of
    We would greatly benefit from an angel investors with experience in FMCG product sales, international machinery sales, and a deep understanding of medical device regulations.

  • High-quality eye care for everyone, everywhere.
    Healthcare - revenues - B2B - looking for 600k EUR

    We are a telemedicine software specialized in ophthalmology, featuring an integrated artificial intelligence component that enables ophthalmologists to attend to 50 times more patients compared to traditional methods. At present, it enjoys adoption by 100 orthoptists, capturing a solid 3.5% market share on a monthly basis. Impressively, over the past four years, we played a pivotal role in facilitating consultations for over 150,000 patients, with 7,000 pathologies detected. Our objective is to equip 15% of the market by December 2024 and to train nurses to implement our solution in retirement homes, currently serving 2 million untreated patients.
    We are seeking angel investors with a background in business internationalization, particularly those with a strong understanding of healthcare systems. Additionally, we are interested in angels who possess expertise in developing business models related to biomarkers and pathology screening.

  • Silencing Tinnitus: your ultimate solution
    MedTech - prototype ready - B2C - looking for 250k EUR

    We are an unique (patent pending) technology combining a device & an app that will help to reduce the pain of millions of people suffering from disabling tinnitus through bioresonance. We operate in a market of ~3% of the total world population for whom standard medicine does not have a solution in 95% of the cases.
    We are looking for angels with e-commerce, B2C international sales expertise, wearable devices and SaaS insights, as well as a special affinity with the well-being sector and personal development.

  • Here we go France!
    Food - revenues - B2B2C - looking for 125k EUR

    Resilience pays off for this young company created before COVID, which, after a challenging start, is now expanding its food distribution at international and doubles its turnover year after year.
    We prepare dishes that are sealed in jars through pasteurization, ensuring they stay fresh for up to 2 months. Our current clients include among others Trendyfood, Carrefour, Press Shop, Boulangerie PAUL, and Exki. They have all embraced our eco-friendly reusable packaging, as well as our commitment to additive-free, premium-quality recipes created by culinary experts such as F.G. Hermé and Ch. Hardiquest. What’s next? Supplying the 400 Boulangerie PAUL stores in France.

**This event is for BeAngels members and people interested in discovering the Business Angels activity/ joining the network.**

BeAngels selects and accompanies the best startups in their search for the funds necessary for their development. During this investment forum, you will attend four pitches of startups pre-selected by us.



  1. Welcome drink

  2. Discover BeAngels

  3. Introduction by Elodie Trojanowski, Chapter Lead Luxembourg

  4. Introduction by Claire Munck, CEO of BeAngels

  5. Startups pitches

  6. Networking cocktail

  7. End