Investors Night - Luxembourg

**This event is for BeAngels members and people interested in discovering the Business Angels activity/ joining the network.**

For our next Investors Night, we are pleased to invite you on Thursday, April 20 at Degroof Petercam (12 Rue Eugène Ruppert, 2453 Luxembourg).

Four projects pre-selected by BeAngels will be presented.

The Investors Night will also be available in live streaming for our online participants.

To start this event, you will have the chance to listen to our Guest Speaker, Jean-François Becu, Head of Private Equity, Degroof Petercam Group, about the trends in Private Equity.

Meet the following companies

  • Discrimination awareness journey

France - HRtech - revenues - B2B - looking for 600K in equity investment
Regulations, reputation, societal changes: D&I topics have become essential in the workplace. We are the first ever microlearning tool combined with real time analytics for HR to prevent those key risks before they occur.
We bootstrapped up to now; created 2 products and acquired 25 clients, including large corporations like Heineken, Societé Générale, Klaxoon, Natixis or the French Army. Our MRR (22K €) growth is +159% last 9 months. The deal length has gone from 6 months to 2,5 years in 1 year.

  • How food and ingredients impact metabolism

Luxembourg - Foodtech - Prototype ready / early revenues - B2B - looking for 850K in equity investment
We are a spin-off of the University of Luxembourg committed to driving innovation in the field of nutrition and health. Our cutting-edge technology platform enables testing the impact of nutrition products on the gut-microbiota and metabolism. The technology is validated and we obtained patent protection for the device. We have a growing portfolio of multinational clients, generating €120K in revenue in 2022, and on track to double that amount in 2023.

We are looking for partners who can provide invaluable support in expanding our customer base and identifying new applications for our technology. We are specifically looking for angels that will help us navigate the challenges and opportunities unique to the food, life-sciences, and health sectors.

  • Data-driven football community

Belgium - Sportech - early revenues - B2B - looking for 750K in equity investment
We are providing amateur football clubs with an affordable, AI-powered video sharing platform generating personalised video highlights & insights for players & coaches. We're currently serving over 20 paying clubs in Belgium, with customer satisfaction reflected in our NPS score of 31. In addition, we've recently signed 30 new clubs and are currently validating a subscription model for players.
We are looking for smart money from investors with expertise in scaling SaaS companies or a network in the sports industry.

  • What is the best visual to convert?

Belgium - Martech - early revenues - B2B - looking for 800K in equity funding
Be part of a disruptive predictive AI SaaS solution which aims to revolutionize the creative process for marketeers. Big corporations already trust our vision like Nestlé, BPost, GfK and Herta. In our first 6 months with our SaaS platform, we managed to generate 50K € ARR. Our goal is to become, in 2 years’ time, the market leader for predictive visual efficiency metrics in Europe. A market that is expected to rapidly grow over the next ten years.
I am looking for angels having experience and/or network in the marketing sector, having experience in B2B SaaS, having expertise in internationalisation and in creating an efficient team



  1. Welcome drink

  2. Introduction by Elodie Trojanowski, Chapter Lead Luxembourg

  3. Introduction by Jean-François Becu, Head of Private Equity, Degroof Petercam Group, about the trends in Private Equity.

  4. Introduction by Claire Munck, CEO of BeAngels

  5. Startups pitches

  6. Networking cocktail

  7. End