Investeringsforum - Luxembourg

Investeringsforum - Luxembourg

**This event is addressed to BeAngels members and people interested in discovering the Business Angels activity/ joining the network**.

Our investment forum will take place on Thursday, December 15th at The City by Ginkgo (14 Av. Pasteur, 2310 Luxembourg).

BeAngels selects and accompanies the best startups in their search for the funds necessary for their development. During this investment forum, you will attend four pitches of startups pre-selected by us.

The forum will be broadcasted in livestreaming for the online participants.

Please find below a short descriptions of the projects that will be presented to you :

  • Project 1 : Provides immediate expression during the music production process.
    Introduction from Simon Alexandre, General Partner The Faktory

    With its movement-based approach, this MusicTech company opens the door to creative expression like never before in music creation. Quickly sketch out ideas, integrate them into your music and use your creations for a compelling live performance.
    The biggest enterprises in the industry (eg. Beatport) , multi-platinum artists (eg. Che Pope), and well-known local VCs have validated the solution by investing and closely following the project. According to them and more than 40k downloaders, “A game changer is on its way!”.
  • Project 2 : The saas solution for car dealers
    They are helping car dealers selling well and quickly their vehicles (new or used) via their online ad site. Since launch, 3 millions of vehicles have been promoted, which represent about 5.000 car ads on a daily basis. Thanks to their flexible business contract and their unique user experience, they offer an alternative to current actor. Active in Liège with a growing MRR of 7K, they will soon expand throughout Belgium and other countries.
  • Project 3: The Assistant that simplifies the daily life of service voucher companies.
    After observing significant communication issues between (1) household cleaners, (2) service voucher companies and (3)their clients and the complexity of the administrative tasks required by Sodexo and the Belgian complexities, the company develops an all-in-one smart assistant. It will make the daily management and communication for all 3 actors simple and intuitive.
    Beyond service voucher business, the startup has a geographical potential in the cleaning industry in other countries but also in other industries in need of simplification.
    Their commercial launch is planned for Jan 23 and the solutions is currently tested by hundreds of users.
  • Project 4: The 1st green production management suite
    Production of films, TV series & commercials create 1% of world-wide CO2 footprint. Their real-time production app embeds inside production workflows. ACT with cost & climate saving choices – for production houses, platforms and digital agencies.
    The company has 16 months track record with a mature SaaS solution tested with 13 productions. The team of 18 people of which 4 complementary founders, has as target to make 5% productions net-zero by 2026. . The company won 7 professional awards.
  • Project 5: Plug&play SaaS module that automates the handling of documents for companies
    They help corporates to digitalize and automated the document exchange during any onboarding process of clients, employees or other users. This includes the collection, validation, data extraction, reminders, completion, signing, conversion and renaming. Since the launch of their V2 platform in 2019 they have gained 21 clients in different verticals.
    Their MRR has doubled year-on-year and plan to continue to do so in the next years as well.


  1. Welkomstdrankje

  2. Introduction par Elodie Trojanowski, Chapter Lead Luxembourg

  3. Introduction par Claire Munck, CEO de BeAngels

  4. Introduction by Ludivine Pilate, CEO of Puilaetco

  5. Fora

  6. Start-up pitches

  7. Networking cocktail

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