How to evaluate entrepreneurial teams ?

How to evaluate entrepreneurial teams ?

The majority of investors believe that the quality of a project team is more important than the idea itself.

In addition, soft skills are also essential for a successful entrepreneurial venture.

How can investors objectively know the team and their differentiating skills before investing?

In order to answer these questions, BeAngels proposes a cycle of 2 form'actions on this topic with an expert in entrepreneurial skills who has the 1st Belgian "entrepreneur profile" questionnaire QCX, resulting from 10 years of research at UCL.

These workshops will be led by Quentin de Crayencour, trainer in entrepreneurial "soft skills".

The 1st workshop (November 15) will focus on the key elements of one of the most important cognitive and emotional skills for each of us, "self-knowledge" and the conscious and unconscious influences in "success".

The second workshop (November 29) will be for investors to understand and assess the entrepreneurial styles of the people who make up the "management team" in which they want to invest based on the results of individual QCXs and then react.

This second workshop will be an opportunity to debrief on what you were able to analyze during the November forum.

These workshops will take place at BeCentral.

**Reserved for BeAngels members, limited capacity - book before November 10th**



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