BeAngels Academy

Une formation intensive de quatre jours inédite en Belgique

  • Apprenez l'investissement dans les startups par des investisseurs
  • Une formation d’excellence en 8 modules intensifs
  • Des thématiques pour apprendre l’état d’esprit, les secrets et les techniques pour investir avec succès


Pour les membres de BeAngels
1450€ HTVA
Pour les non-membres
2450€ HTVA

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Les 8 modules
de la formation

Nos formules sont fondées sur l'expérience de nos investisseurs et dispensées par eux, les participants découvriront toutes les notions nécessaires pour commencer leur investissements avec une approche “hands on” à base de cas réels.

  • Module 1 – The Investment Cycle

    Complete overview of the typical investment cycle by a business angel, to provide a common base of understanding before addressing the subjects in greater detail.

    Thierry Dosogne

    Thierry Dosogne

  • Module 2 – Due Diligence

    • Explain the benefits of a rigorous due diligence process as part of an investment
    • Define the steps preceding the due diligence process
    • Identify the available resources and apply the project-specific analysis methods
    • Establish a consensus on the economic viability and the risk management
    Baudouin Dupriez

    Baudouin Dupriez

  • Module 3 – Valuation

    • Understand the purpose of valuation for the parties involved
    • What are the conventional valuation methods?
    • Understand the limits of conventional valuation methods and adopt good practices
    Hubert Brogniez

    Hubert Brogniez

  • Module 4 – Negotiation: from Letter of Intent to Agreement

    • Understand the process steps leading up to the shareholder agreement
    • Understand the common clauses of the agreement
    • Identify good practices for seed capital
    Xavier Huerre

    Xavier Huerre

  • Module 5 – Portfolio Management and Monitoring

    • Making an investment decision
    • Measuring the participation
    • Monitoring your investment portfolio
    • Investing in equity vs convertible debt
    • Accretion plan – advantages and drawbacks
    • Capitalization table: what does it look like and how to update it?
    Xavier Bocquet

    Xavier Bocquet

  • Module 6 – Key Principles of Good Governance

    • How to establish an effective support relationship and the foundation for good governance?
    • What does a startup’s board of directors look like and how does it work?
    • How to create value as a director?
    Thomas Donck

    Thomas Donck

  • Module 7 – Refinancing

    • Main challenges and focal points - project risk management
    • When does refinancing generally make sense?
    • How does it work? Impact of the exercise of pre-emptive rights
    • New due diligence at the next round
    Cindy Naegel

    Cindy Naegel

  • Module 8 – Exit Preparation

    • Rethinking the investment process with sufficient emphasis on exit
    • How and why plan an exit strategy immediately after acquiring a shareholding?
    • What are the different types of exit and what does the process look like?
    • How to maximize the value of your portfolio by limiting losses and maximizing value at the time of the exit?
    • How to manage unprofitable investments?
    • How to make a “good loss”?
    • Tax aspects - treatment of capital gain
    Patrick de Bellefroid

    Patrick de Bellefroid