Catherine Alexandre

Head of the Societal Entrepreneurship Unit

Catherine Alexandre, Member of the network since 2012:

“I joined the network of Woman Business Angels three years ago because working in a large company, I wanted to understand and feel the world of entrepreneurs in Belgium. Their dynamism and their sense of innovation attracted me, just as well as the diversity of projects presented and the entrepreneurs that I was fortunate to meet. But one thing is to be interested in a project, and another thing is to invest in it, to select the entrepreneur who you want to trust and who you think you can bring something to, to know how to negotiate the valuation of your startup, set the terms of your deal and define exit strategies…Here, the network is obviously very interesting to learn. I also participated in the first group, Angel Beyond, that was organized. With this group of 20 people who had all invested the same funds, we made three investments over the year. But regardless of these investments, what I greatly appreciated was the dynamics in our meetings that followed each investment forum. We had to decide if we would continue the discussions and launch the due diligence, and then divide the work. It was fascinating to have different experiences around the table and this allowed us to close some deals that I would never have taken on with no experience in the sector. In terms of training, it was also very rich in content. We had access to webinars and we could count on the enlightened advice of Brigitte Baumann (coach of the AB1 group). Today, I have invested directly and via the group in several companies with more or less success, I learned a lot from my failures and successes and I created some connections with many Business Angels. In summary: I will continue to pursue this adventure …”