Investors Night - Luxembourg

**This event is for BeAngels members and people interested in discovering the Business Angels activity/ joining the network.**

For our next Investors Night, we are pleased to invite you on Thursday, June 15th at the The City by Ginkgo (14 Av. Pasteur, 2310 Limpertsberg Luxembourg).

Five projects pre-selected by BeAngels will be presented.

Project descriptions will be sent to you shortly.

Are you joining for the first time? If you would like to know more about BeAngels and our activities, how to become a member, how BeAngels can help you to invest in startups, etc; we are hosting an information session, before the Investors Night from 17h30 until 18h00.
Interested? Send an email at

Meet the following companies

  • Health – early revenues – B2B - looking for 1 Mio€ in equity or convertible loan

    We envision to transform the medical research landscape by pioneering a patient-centric ecosystem that fosters groundbreaking discoveries, removes barriers to participation in Clinical Trials, and empowers individuals to take control of their health, leading to a world where innovative treatments and cures are available to all sooner.
    This free service for patients generated its first paying clients on the research side, while vendor qualification and client contract finalisation are in process with important players in the CRO field like Syneos Health, IQVIA, PPD and SGG. This round is lead by well known serial entrepreneurs/investors.
  • Entreprise software - early revenues – B2B - looking for 300K€ in equity funding

    Only 5% of sales rep are proposing to their prospects a reference call with clients advocates, while it’s a game changer to close a deal, according to Gartner.
    Why? Because it’s a very painful manual process. We are a B2B SaaS solution to help Sales connect prospects and happy clients in 2 clicks, bypassing all pains associated with the manual process, to encourage them to be proactive (rather than reactive) and close more deals, faster.
    Our achievements: we are ending our beta testing 6-month period with 10 clients, 1k of MRR, our tool increase conversion rate of 15%, 7K€ of MRR in our pipeline for 2023. This project is supported by the Startup Studio Make it.
  • Enterprise Software – early revenues – B2B looking for 530K€ in equity funding

    Recently incubated at Imec.istart program, we are an AI powered no-code data analytics platform that allows anyone to become a data analyst. Our goal is to make data expertise accessible to everyone: enriching your organisational data graveyards with open source data and turning them into actionable insights.
    Our achievements: Started 6 months ago, Ready to use MVP, 50+ active free users, 200+ in waitlist, 2 co-founders, team of 6, €8k monthly cash burn, €0 computing costs for the coming year.
    We currently have a signed LOI of Belga representing a potential 3Mio€ ARR, from just 1 client.
  • Enterprise software - revenues – B2B looking for 500K€ equity funding

    We are an all-in-one management software specifically designed for bicycle shops and workshops. Our complete and intuitive tool helps over 230 customers in FR, BE, LU, CH in their daily management by simplifying their processes, being connected with the main bike industry’s suppliers and service providers (currently in partnership with 20 brands and wholesalers).
    Our achievements: 16K€ MRR and 40K€ total monthly revenue, we bootstrapped from scratch. The purpose of the fundraising is to increase our growth (currently 65% quarterly growth rate, with an objective of 5000 customers over Europe in 2025), and to develop a new product : a B2B marketplace.
  • EdTech – revenues – B2B looking for 250K€ equity funding

    We are passionate about using technology to improve education. Our learning management system is designed to be user-friendly, powerful, and flexible, offering a range of modules that can be customized to fit the needs of any school or teacher. With over 60,000 users already benefiting from our software, we are committed to helping teachers and students alike succeed in the classroom. Our achievements: after one year of beta we went live early 2022. In that period we organically grew our client base to 60 schools, 60k users and 100K ARR, with an expected growth of 100% for next year.


  1. Welcome drink

  2. Introduction by Elodie Trojanowski, Chapter Lead Luxembourg

  3. Introduction by Claire Munck, CEO of BeAngels

  4. Startups pitches

  5. Networking cocktail

  6. End