Forum d'investissement - Luxembourg

Forum d'investissement - Luxembourg

Pour notre prochain Forum, nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter le jeudi 24 novembre à Edmond de Rothschild Europe à la Cloche d'Or à Luxembourg.

Cinq projets présélectionnés par BeAngels y seront présentés.

Vous aurez également l'occasion d'écouter notre conférencier invité, Vincent Didier, Deputy Head de la Banque Privée Luxembourg, sur le sujet suivant : " Edmond de Rothschild : Un engagement entrepreneurial"

Le forum sera également disponible en livestreaming pour nos participants en ligne.

Découvrez les descriptions des projets qui vous seront présentés :

- Airless spray painting made easy
Decorative interior painting is one of the unhealthiest and least productive activities in the construction industry, requiring skilled professionals who are increasingly hard to find. This company develops and sells robots that automate those painting works, thereby increasing quality, safety, productivity (+50%) and upgrading job attractiveness while reducing the paint consumption (-20%). The first proof of concept is developed, they have partnered with industry leaders and have been awarded subsidies to pursue the development of their prototype. They are now looking for additional funding to finalize their first financing round and speed up development.

- New tool to reduce physical samples by up to 80% in the fashion industry
Tackling the extensive workflow in the traditional design and development process, this cloud-based digital platform enables small and medium-sized fashion brands to digitalize and streamline their products development process, reduce waste, production time and costs by leveraging 3D technology and automation.

The first version is ready and the company has a first paying customer and several LOI.

- Data gains value when it is shared

The sharing of knowledge and information is the driving force behind major developments. In today's world, the data silo model controlled by big data companies is reaching its limits and data collaboration is emerging as a solution to a more open economy. This company addresses the legal and technical challenges by automating data collaboration between organizations and individuals with complete control and confidentiality. It's all about sharing without showing. Targeting first the media industry with customers such as RTBF and VRT, they ambition to tackle the financial industry in the coming year.

- Engage your team in impact and health
They enable global brands (eg. L’Oreal and Merck) to engage their employees in activity challenges that adapt to emotions, bring teams together, and enable social impact as a community. Go on a virtual journey to reach 100.000 steps to plant trees, team up with your colleagues to reach a million steps and clean 1000kg of ocean trash, or any other journey that fits your brand strategy and culture. Brands choose them for the enhanced engagement they bring by uniquely responding to how people feel and helping them feel better. They onboarded 15 HR partners the last 9 months and no churn rate so far. The employee activation rate reaches 80% whom 60% of them have a daily engagement!

- Superpower your savings through passive investing
Their vision is to solve the pension crisis for all Europeans through passive investing. Launched 1 year ago, the “easiest to use” investment app on the market welcomes 645 customers with a total of over €1.2m invested. This is the second startup for the founders and the first one is profitable and scaled to over 2m users. This fundraising will help them to become the leading investment app for young Belgians, before expanding across the EU.



  1. Verre de bienvenue

  2. Session d'information du nouveau groupe d'investissement BAC LUX 2

  3. Introduction by Claire Munck and Elodie Trojanowski

  4. 5 startups pitching and introduction by Vincent Didier, Deputy Head de la Banque Privée Luxembourg

  5. Fin