Debunking Blockchain & evaluating its investments opportunities

The emergence of blockchain does signal something new. However, the challenge is to cut through the noise and understand what new capabilities are implied, what new solutions are enabled, and what solutions are beyond the reach of the new technology. To put it more succinctly, we need to realise what blockchain can and cannot be.

Join us for a mind-bending journey as we demystify the blockchain revolution and unleash the untapped potential of blockchain investments!

Renowned professor, author and advisor, Jean-Luc Verhelst, will guide us through 3 succinct topics in order to help you on your way in this new industry:

1) Blockchain technology - What & why
2) Understand the ecosystem - Blockchain vs non-blockchain projects with use cases (Uniswap vs FTX)
3) Evaluate investment opportunities - Tokenomics & token sale (SAFTs) vs equity

Note Jean-Luc Verhelst teaches at IESEG (France), TIAS (The Netherlands) and works with Google, TedX, the European Commission, Febelfin, the Belgian Parliament, Emirati Agencies and most Belgian public broadcasters on blockchain matters.

Furthermore, this workshop will be given in English at The Merode (Place Poelaert, 6 1000 Brussels). We limited the attendance to 30 participants in order to have an open communication channel on this often tricky subject.
Participants will receive Jean-Luc's book on blockchain so they can pursue this interesting journey on their own!

Places are limited, so be quick to register!

The fees for BeAngels members is 50€ excl. VAT. For if you are not member of our network, the fees is €100 excluding VAT
The price includes 3 hours of training, catering and the book written by Jean-Luc worth €20.



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