Pricing Pact

Pricing Pact

Tools and coaching to establish your prices and offers

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Have you met Priceit?Pricing can be a complex, tedious and even intimidating activity. Especially when you are running a startup or a scale up.

  1. Your value proposition will evolve, as will your customer base.
  2. The innovation can be so strong that you probably have no (or few) competitors to serve as a reference.
  3. Developing something less tangible (a service, a software, an app...) can make the challenge even bigger.

It's in response to this universal start-up headache that we created Priceit, an all-in-one tool for smartly building your pricing, from A to Z. Whether you are doing B2C, B2B, software, product or a mix of both, Priceit will meet your needs.Priceit is:

  1. a dozen of practical and user-friendly tools: evaluate your pricing performance, adopt a value-based approach to pricing, measure your customers' price sensitivity, communicate your prices better with your customers, find templates, ...
  2. 10 years of experience with hundreds of startups and scaleups packaged in a tool to serve your needs. You will converge 3 to 10x faster towards the right price model to maximize your startup's chances of success.
  3. a collaborative tool that can help you think in teams and with your board members.
  4. a financial modeling tool: fine-tune your financial plans with better assumptions on your pricing strategy, understand how price impacts your KPIs (CAC, MRR etc. for SaaS), model your costs to evaluate your future profitability

Spend your time on what matters, let Priceit take care of the rest.And if you have more questions, our coaches will be there to assist you with our tailored workshop services.

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  • 10% reduction
On aurait gagné beaucoup de temps en ayant bénéficié de ce type de feedback/formation il y a plusieurs mois.
Zoé Broisson, co-fondatrice de Flowchase
On est super excités par le travail effectué, on a hâte d'avancer et on est très contents de ce qu'on voit jusqu'à présent.
Kevin Muller, fondateur et CEO de Passbolt
(...) à propos de cet outil que je trouve extrêmement avancé, félicitations pour ça. Merci beaucoup pour le travail accompli, ça nous aide beaucoup.
Manuel Noirfalise, Head of Customer Experience, Jeasy
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