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Forget late payments and unpaid invoices that put your cash flow under pressure! Edebex offers you the opportunity to anticipate these situations by selling your outstanding invoices and thus boost your available cash on hand! Once the invoice is sold on the online platform, you receive your money within a few days. You don't have to worry anymore: their teams take care of the follow-up with your customer up until the payment of the invoice. Unlike traditional financing offers, no guarantee is required, only your client's financial situation is taken into account. The icing on the cake: it's completely à la carte. You sell the invoices you want whenever you want! An ideal solution for start-ups who want to support their growth!

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  • 40% reduction on the annual membership fee
Since I work wtih Edebex, I’m very satisfied. I always have funds for social security taxes and the payroll. It’s a win-win for all parties
Mohammed Aribi – Dyonisienne Bat
In case of short-term financing needs, Edebex has really proven to be a trustful partner
Kermaidic - Kerka
It’s very convenient, there is no holdback reserve, others withold 20%. There is always someone available when you call, the deadlines are respected
Optic Elec System
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