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Digiboard, the digital board management solution, aims to strengthen the management of companies.

As an entrepreneur you have aspirations, a vision. Business Angels who are committed to your vision have funded your project and will help you make strategies to reach concrete goals. The strategy and manner you chose to do it will shape the culture of the company, convert customers and attract skilled and motivated employees. Ultimately it will make your vision come true.

Digiboard's ambition is to support and improve corporate governance to enable management to become more efficient despite an uncertain and changing environment. Digiboard overcomes challenges in simplification and in transparency while reinforcing security.

To do this, we have set up a workflow that supports you through the governance process. We have also chosen a platform approach that allows sharing documents, responsibilities, decisions to be made and follow-up of actions. Digiboard will save you time and improve your work efficiency thanks to many board key features (Doodle-like meeting scheduling tool, meeting minutes, document management, electronic signatures, ...). And it's not over yet.

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