Argafin is a management and financial consultancy company for SMEs with 5 to 150 employees

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In partnership with BeAngels, through its start-up package, Argafin your part time finance business partner grants you your first financial quick scan.

A financial quick scan? What does it mean?

It is the first financial diagnostic of your start-up within 4 hours. Based on the financial information available and supported by one of its 20 financial consultants, Argafin will give you its first improvements clues and its main questions regarding the following topics:

· Budget review and assumptions used

· Review of the financial part of the investor’s speech

· Identification of ways to improve your profitability and cash flow

· Identification of some relevant KPIs for your start-up

Argafin will present you its recommendations and its conclusions during a last meeting to complete this free coaching in partnership with BeAngels.

If convinced by its recommendations and its conclusions, you wish to continue working with Argafin, its team will be keen on assisting you for the implementation of the actions plan and on acting as the part time finance business partner of your start-up. This assignment will therefore be billed.

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  • Free Financial Quick Scan
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