Be Angels helps you to succeed with wise and experienced investors. We put at your disposal a network of Business Angels created to facilitate the meeting between investors and entrepreneurs.

Why Choose Be Angels?

Help and Advice

Benefit from a framework for the presentation of your project

Private Investors

Get in touch with several private investors simultaneously and meet them directly

Assistance in negotiation and trading

Receive help during negotiations with investors


Make your financial projection with trust and confidentiality

Is my project eligible ?

To be a candidate, companies need to :

  • Start or develop an innovative project (excluding real estate and HORECA)
  • Wish to meet active investors
  • Wish to benefit from a network of contacts
  • Find a sum of 50,000 and 1,000,000 from business angels

What are the main investment criteria for business angels ?

  • The quality of the management team
  • The “USP” Unique Selling Point
  • A strong growth potential (and return on investment)
  • Intellectual property
  • The environmental, societal and / or cultural impact of the project

The process

Submitting an application

Fill out your application file on our file management platform. This step is mandatory.

Our management team carefully analyzes your project based on the information you completed.

All this information will be compiled in a reference document that will be reused in subsequent contacts with potential investors.

If the management team believes that your project is likely to interest the investors at Be Angels, we will contact you directly.

Selection Committee

If your project is pre-selected, you will be invited (without commitment) to present it to the Selection Committee.

You will have 7 minutes of presentation and 7 minutes of questions and answers to convince the Committee. The Selection Committee is made up of members of the Be Angels team, its most active members and some partners.

Presentation to the forum

Depending on the decision of the Selection Committee, you may or may not present your project at one of our monthly meetings in front of the Be Angels investors.

Your project is presented at one of our investment forums. At that point, you get 10 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions and answers.


Be Angels is responsible for organizing the first business meetings with investors who have shown interest in your project.

The meetings are organized in the presence of a Dealmaker who represents Be Angels. Its role is to ensure a good balance between the respective expectations of the investor and those of the entrepreneur.

How much does it cost?

Submitting your application on our website is free.

If you participate in an investment forum, we require VAT fees of € 500 VAT costs. A personalized coaching session is planned to help you prepare for your presentation.

In the case of “matching” (matching entrepreneurs and investors), a variable commission will be calculated on the total fundraising according to the HTVA scale below.

Commission following a fundraiser from network investors:

1 > 500.000 5%
500.001 > 1.000.000 4%
> 1.000.000 3%

Testimonials from Entrepreneurs

The last financial deals

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Apaxen est une société biopharmaceutique wallonne dont la mission est de développer des traitements innovants pour un large spectre de pathologies inflammatoires, tout en ayant

Sponsorship and support

Next steps