Are you looking for investment opportunities and want to invest your money in the real economy? In a professional and confidential setting, discover innovative projects chosen by our Be Angels selection committee, join a network of experienced investors and, every month, attend an investment forum where several start-ups share information on their project.

What is a business angel?

A Business Angel presents himself as an investor who exchanges his entrepreneurial experience, his network of contacts and part of his assets against a minority share of the capital of a company. They are usually former executives of major companies, entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who have ceded their businesses to invest.

Why Join Be Angels ?

  • Integrate a network of investors
  • Discover innovative start-ups
  • Add value to your experience and expertise
  • Access a hand-picked deal flow
  • Benefit from best practices in fundraising
  • Benefit from privileged conditions to join the SIBA, programma fast-track, invitations to many events

The annual fee is € 550  (VAT excluded) with a registration fee of € 400 (VAT excluded).

  • At the time of the first investment of at least 50,000 euros by a member on the same project during the year, the contribution of the following year will be credited;
  • The annual subscription will also be credited for the following year when this member encourages one of his contacts to become a member of the network and to remain for more than one year; and that he ensures the sponsorship / accompaniment of this new member during the first activities in which he is required to participate

Check out our Code of Conduct: Be Angels Code of Conduct

The process

Review of applications

Entrepreneurs submit their applications online. A management team analyzes their project and decides whether or not they will present their project to the Selection Committee.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee, composed of the most active members of Be Angels, selects projects based on criteria such as the quality of the entrepreneurial team, the feasibility of the project, the attractiveness of the offer to investors, etc.

Presentation to the forum

Projects selected by the Selection Committee are presented at the Monthly Investment Forum. At the end of each event, we ask you which projects you are interested in organizing at the first meeting.


Be Angels organizes the first dealmaking meetings with the contractor. The meetings are organized in the presence of a Dealmaker representing Be Angels. His role is to ensure a good balance between the respective expectations of the investor and those of the entrepreneur. Your attendance at meetings does not imply any investment obligation.

Your investment formulas

There is no typical investor profile. That’s why, according to your expectations and needs, we offer 4 different investment formulas:

The Business Angels' Investor Club

Your ideal formula if you discover the activity of Business Angel.

Within a group of 20 investors, you invest € 15,000 in 3 different deals over the year. All decisions are made collectively. You benefit from coaching and relevant specific training.

The Independent Business Angel

In this formula, you invest individually in the projects of your choice. You are a member of the network without belonging to a specific investment group.

Investment Structures with Business Angels (SIBA)

Do you want to co-invest passively alongside savvy and experienced investors? It is now possible with this formula.

A “lead angel” is designated for each project studied, on the basis of his knowledge in the field concerned. Less time consuming, the investment is voted on electronically, via majority.

SCALE Investment Fund 1

Launched in 2017, this first fund is exclusively dedicated to start-ups in the scale-up phase, previously supported by members of the Be Angels network. Capitalized for 2.5 million euros, it plans to invest in six start-ups over the next two years while maintaining a refinancing capacity.

Take advantage of a tax reduction, thanks to the Tax Shelter

The Tax Shelter for start-ups is a tax reduction on individuals who invest in the capital of start-ups, and aims at boosting entrepreneurship in Belgium. The tax reduction amounts to 30% to 45% of the amount invested, subject to certain conditions.


One must invest in a SME or a micro-enterprise. The company must have its registered and operational headquarters in Belgium. Finally, it must have been in existence for at most 4 years before the time of the investment. The sector of activity in which the company operates is not a condition of access.


The investor can invest directly in the start-up or via a fund. He must, however, keep the company's shares for at least 4 years, unless he is forced to make an exit  by external conditions (such as bankruptcy for example).

The founders' families as well as the workers of the recipient company can enjoy this tax advantage. On the other hand, the contribution of capital by the head of the company itself or by existing company directors does not make it possible to benefit from the tax shelter.

Each investor can invest a maximum of € 100,000 / year through the tax shelter. Each investment can represent a maximum of 30% of the company's capital. If it exceeds this level, the tax reduction is limited to an investment of 30% of the capital.


The tax reduction depends on the size of the company at the time of fundraising:

The tax reduction amounts to 45% of the amount invested (ie the subscribed capital and paid up amount) for investments in micro-enterprises;

For all SMEs eligible for the tax shelter, the tax reduction amounts to 30% of the amount invested (ie the subscribed capital and paid up amount).

Be Angels Academy

Training dedicated to business angels at the beginner level or those who wish to specialize

For the last few years, the Be Angels network has put in place a “Be Angels Academy”, a series of courses dedicated to both entrepreneurs and investors, on themes that are common to them.

Many trainings exist to provide the best tools for entrepreneurs to carry out their project. But what about training for investors?

There is only very little … That’s why Be Angels wanted to fill this gap by offering a three-day training course entirely dedicated to business angels at the beginner level or those who want to become professional. 

Through this curriculum, our aim is to provide the public with all the necessary tools to carry out their investments and to approach this domain with adequate theoretical and practical knowledge. And because the most experienced investors know that they learned the most from their first mistakes, the Be Angels team and its members want to give them the basic “know-how” through these trainings. 

This training offers 8 modules:

  1. Business Angel Investor Cycle
  2. Due diligence
  3. Valuation of start-ups
  4. Negotiation: from the investment letter to the deal
  5. Portfolio Management and Monitoring
  6. Relationships between Entrepreneurs, Shareholders and Governance
  7. Refinancing
  8. Negotiation: from the investment letter to the deal

The registration fee is as follow:

  • € 1450 for Be Angels members
  • € 2450 for non-members

The next training cycle is scheduled for early 2019.

WBAC: Women Business Angel Club

Initiated by the Be Angels network, the WBAC is the first female business angels network in Belgium. It brings together women who personally invest in potential start-ups and support them, with the aim of helping them emerge and grow.

The WBAC meets monthly as part of a joint investment forum with Be Angels, and then during a debriefing after each Forum. Trainings are organized for the members in order to better apprehend the activity of the business angels.

The last financial deals

Axiles Bionics

La start-up bruxelloise “Axiles Bionics”, une spin-off de la VUB, souhaite améliorer la qualité de vie des personnes amputées des membres inférieurs en commercialisant les


La start-up est spécialisée dans la valorisation des créateurs de meubles et d’objets de décoration artisanaux et sur-mesure.


Apaxen est une société biopharmaceutique wallonne dont la mission est de développer des traitements innovants pour un large spectre de pathologies inflammatoires, tout en ayant

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